Firefox 3 on Download Day + PLURK

I’m joining because the fox is too cute. *lol*

Download Day 2008

Joiz and dementia sent me invites to PLURK. I was going to ignore because I kinda hate signing up on random stuff. Haha~ XD Sorry, guys! It’s that sometimes I think one out of 10 sites I join will send spam messages. D: I also feel that I have to update them sites when I really don’t want to. But I checked PLURK and it was too cute (again!) to pass. XD It works like Twitter, but seems better. (Because Twitter hates me for some reason that I can’t access their site 95% of the time.)

Plurk Me badge by blankanvas

Plurk Me badge by blankanvas; to join, click on the above badge or if you just want to view my Plurk then click here. ^_^ Watch out for the headless animal! *lol*

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