Fiona Apple – Never is a Promise

3rd Annual Weblog Awards XDD Cool~

You’ll never touch these things that I hold
The skin of my emotions lies beneath my own
You’ll never feel the heat of this soul
My fever burns me deeper than I’ve ever shown…to you

I’ve been visiting a few sites and I noticed to those who have gotten a few things from me don’t even give due credit. πŸ˜› Sucks, but oh well…what can I do? You guys should learn to give due credit, aiite? ^.^

So far, my eternal wish site is nearly up. I just need to finish the html-ing then I gotta update the links to the zip files. It’s hard for me to upload now ‘coz of stupid connection. Everything will be up very soon though. ^___^ Then I gotta do my yaoi site which is sorta empty. I mean, I’ll be removing those non-yaoi stuffu which leaves to almost really few things there. >_for you, btw, so go visit. I won’t be accepting trades any sooner though ‘coz I’m really full of those already, but I’m always open for distro. I can’t wait for my J-dorama stuff. Waii!! *jumps in eagerness*

There’s something wrong with my previous post. I gotta check the html-ing.

Is Click-B just a 4-member group now? I saw in solid07 in one of their recent news about Click-B’s 4th album. I asked Burigs about it, but she knows they’re 7. I _know_ they’re 7, but I got surprised when I read “4-member.” Why do many people like BoA? I don’t hate her…it’s just that she beat Shinhwa a lot of times already. Argh~ I prefer Shinhwa over her you know. XD

My brother accompanied me to school earlier, but before I went to class we first went to the mall and played Dance Maniax 2nd Mix. *rofl* I’m becoming mad good with “Baila! Baila!”. After two games, we rushed to school ‘coz I thought I was already going to be late. When I got there, our professor was absent and my classmates were just signing on the attendance sheet. Dayam. That was the only class I had to attend today. XP I ended up hanging out with my brother. I toured Maru on the Intramuros wall then we smoked a bit. >_

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