finally, i could post! *sniffles*

finally, i could post! *sniffles* i mish posting!! *waaaaaaaaahhh*

>_P i wonder why i only got 2.75…must be the finals. i didn’t concentrate much there. i hardly knew the questions because most of them weren’t even taught to us! that’s how lajee our prof. is. always absent. *lol* kinda miss him, but our prof. in analytic geometry is waaaaay better. all quizzes are open notes, no surprise quizzes, no taking of notes because he’s going to give us copies of all his lectures, etc. ^^ that’s how good he is…except that he seems like he’s got this prospect in class. eeeewwww~ you would easily guess too if you were there. >.<D i hope he agrees! i’m now looking for a good host that is cheap and has php & cgi.

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