Figured out Instagram embedding!

Since the first week of July, I began crossposting my Instagram posts to here. I was fine with it until I thought it made my website look messy. I couldn’t be bothered to try to fix the template. Anyway, my Instagram has been public, so I decided to scrap those posts and, instead, embed a gallery to my template. It took me a whole night to find the plugin that works for my blog. The plugin I use is Instagram Feed, for those curious. No fuss plug-in, very straightforward with no overwhelming settings.

Instagram Feed settings

The feed may be customized through the settings, but I modified mine by editing the CSS. If you scroll to the bottom of each page (and I don’t mean just the Pages), you’ll see the feed. There’s also a link to my Instagram account for you to follow me if you haven’t done so. 😀

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