Fic spoilers up ahead! XD

Fic spoilers up ahead! XD

Seiya, Mamoru, and Usagi by Sailor E: Sailor Moon; NC-17, three-some, hentai, a bit of yaoi

This story shouldn’t have been written in two parts. Mostly because it was short and the story event occured only in a day. The sex scenes aren’t that much, but youngsters must still be cautioned if they still want to read. There is a story to this one, hopefully, should be re-edited. Slight errors can be found in the writing style.

A First Time for Everything by Larry Drews: Sailor Moon; yuri, NC-17

Very innocent-type of hentai I’ve ever read. ^_^ I hardly know what to say about this one. Well-detailed, a yuri fic with major sense ^.~ The pairing is UsagiXMinako. At the near-start of the story, Usagi pleases herself then the story starts from there.

In Their Room by Erica(?): Sailor Moon; yuri, NC-17

Yup, it’s another yuri fic. Sad to say it’s not as good as the one mentioned above. Some words were wrongly used like “slap.” I believe that means hitting the person on the cheeck with force, right? When the author used it, the proper word should have been “hit” or something like that. I mean, slap is mostly on the face. I dunno…just read it for yourself!