Fast and Furious OST

Requested by Jan~ πŸ˜€

Fast and Furious OST cover

Fast & Furious OST Tracks 1-11

59.54 MB; Mp3

Fast and Furious OST

Tracks 12-21

16.25 MB; Mp3

01. Rye Rye [feat. M. I. A.] – Bang

02. Busta Rhymes – G-Stro [Produced By The Neptunes]

03. Kenna – Loose Wires [Produced By The Neptunes]

04. Pitbull – Blanco [Produced By The Neptunes]

05. Pitbull – Krazy

06. Pitbull [feat. Tego Calderon] – You Slip, She Grip [Produced By The Neptunes]

07. Shark City Click – Head Bust [Produced By The Neptunes]

08. Pitbull [feat. Robin Thicke] – Bad Girls [Produced By The Neptunes]

09. Don Omar – Virtual Diva

10. Tasha – La Isla Bonita

11. Pitbull – Blanco [The Strictly Spanish Mix] [Produced By The Neptunes]

12. Brian Tyler – Brian vs Dom

13. Brian Tyler – Crossing The Border

14. Brian Tyler – It’s On A

15. Brian Tyler – It’s On B

16. Brian Tyler – Judgement

17. Brian Tyler – Outta Sight

18. Brian Tyler – Revenge

19. Brian Tyler – Tunnel

20. Does It Offend You, Yeah – We Are Rockstars

21. Soulja Boy – Crank That [Travis Barker Remix]

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  1. theMan~ I’m not really a rocker chic. XD; You remember I’m more into reggae and ska? Also, I’m not into all hiphop. Only the good ones. HAHAHAHAHA~ Except for some baduy songs, yesh, I have diverse taste in music.

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