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Family dinner at CDP

I feel sick as f*ck. ~_~ This began last Sunday night on my nephew’s birthday party. I had a couple of cold glasses of Coke. Oh, on Saturday night I had glasses of cold water during the dinner with friends. My body really has bad reaction to cold drinks besides the fact my stomach doesn’t like Coke. I know I should have asked for lukewarm water or anything that’s just not cold and Coke, but I hate being choosy in front of relatives and our server in the Japanese restaurant (that dinner with friends) was really bitchy.

Well, I’m just glad I’m not having a sore throat right now.

So that dinner with my family was on Sept. 25, the start of the long weekend in the Philippines. My first recommendation was Mamou. I haven’t eaten there yet, but it has good reviews. We had to move to another restaurant though because they were full. The waiter told us to try CDP instead and that it is their sister restaurant. My Mom and brother were a bit hesitant. Frankly, they do not seem that adventurous as I am when it comes to trying restaurants though I understand the feeling when you have to change plans at the last minute.

We sat outside of CDP for a while until they agreed we eat there. We also waited for seats inside the restaurant. I would eat outside, but it was a good choice to transfer. There definitely would be more smokers and drinkers there once it gets a little past dinner time.

20150925_193928 CDP Dinner

20150925_200224 CDP Dinner

20150925_200316 CDP Dinner

Hm, I don’t remember the name of that dish, but it’s tuna on cabbage. Very delicious!

20150925_200326 CDP Dinner

Sad I didn’t get a better picture. I thought it was a clear. As though I could trust my eyes when I didn’t have my eyeglasses on. =_=

20150925_200350 CDP Dinner

Definitely returning to the restaurant for the Pig Ears Fries. Seeing the picture and thinking about it now is making me salivate. :9~~~

20150925_202704 CDP Dinner

20150925_202719 CDP Dinner

The Black Stew is baby squid, chorizo, tinta, and bread. I can’t say if it’s delicious, but my Dad said so. πŸ™‚ I would have ordered that if I saw it in the menu. Next to fish I like squid. πŸ™‚

20150925_202730 CDP Dinner

That’s my brother’s order. I didn’t get the name.

20150925_202745 CDP Dinner

My only gripe with the restaurant’s food is the small serving. The pica-pica are for sharing, but the size of each piece is small. Nakakabitin tuloy. πŸ™

CDP is quite pricey as the food ranges from 180 to 500. Our dinner cost us approximately PhP3600. I think I would recommend this for a fancy date with your closest friends or family. For a couple’s date, I would recommend some place else. Probably because the ambiance is better for the former. πŸ™‚ When we were there, there were more friends and families dining. Nothing that seemed like a couple. The restaurant is located at R1 Power Plant Mall, Lopez Dr Rockwell Center, Makati and contact number is +6325564454.

Check out this sweeeeeet Shelby GT500 we saw while looking for the restaurant.

20150925_192325 Shelby GT500

20150925_192437 Shelby GT500

20150925_192505 Shelby GT500

The Shelby GT500 is about PhP4.5mil to PhP5.5mil. At the moment, I can’t afford even one of its tires. LOL! To end this post, here’s our family photo:

20150925_202959 CDP Dinner


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