Fall Silient – Sesame Street

This cracked me up. XDDD But I like the drumset. Those are expensive, so let a professional drummer use it please. And I have to agree with those who replied in that post. That’s not the right way to hold drumsticks. *rofl*

wo0t!! XDDD Sorry to all Avril fans. I just can’t seem to stand her and she’s just a wannabe punk rocker. Yep, she is.

On with what happened _yesterday_ (it’s past 12mn)…
I saw Galang-kun again and still kakkoi. Mwehehehehe~ Eloisa dragged me inside their classroom again, so I sat the opposite group of where he was. We were just chatting when we noticed again that he was looking at _us_. We were the only people at that side anyways. *lol* I asked Eloi why he was looking and she started teasing me. Then I said it’s prolly because she was getting fat. *rofl* I told her that around 5 times and I kept laughing at her annoyed face. XD She left me in the room, so I took her phone and joked I was already going to leave. When I was already near the door I told her, “Thanks for the cellphone!” She began pulling me back and stuffu til she broke our friendship bracelet (the one I wore). She apologized a couple of times and she said she’ll replace it since it’s the sign of our friendship. ^_^ I told her she has to do one thing for me too. I said she should tell him I have something important to say and if he could just give his cellphone # to her. *rofl*


My goodness. She asked the number from her classmate in the same class. She asked him first before giving me the number. I XDDD Oh yeah, Galang-kun is even courting that girl, but she said she doesn’t share the same feelings as his. Is that good or what?

XP I think I’m updating you guys too much on this. Actually, my blog seems to be my bestfriend now. I luv the way it’s just there to listen. I’m a weird biatch.

I was watching Ally McBeal earlier and I heard this guy there say something like, “You might get hurt if you try, but it hurts more if you don’t try and lose them.” I think that’s it. O___o

There was this huge traffic earlier. Argh~ I had to ride in a FX with a different stop-over, but it was okay with me coz I can go from there by jeepney. The traffic didn’t change when I got there and lotsa people were also waiting. It was tough competition, so I decided to walk to my supposed to be stop-over. It took me 45 minutes yO! Gawd, imagine that loonng walk. XP I had to endure long suffering of pollution. Eww~

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