err…belated happy BEER-day to Jae

err…belated happy BEER-day to Jae Won whose birthday was last April 5. oh wait…did i already greet him? *ack* i’m too forgetful!

whateverz. *sweatdrop*

i’m soO sorry about the post just below this one. i was really sleepy & i couldn’t get my mind straight. i wanted to prevent myself from continuing that post, but i still did. like maii hands got a mind of its own. -_-;;; gomen nasai.

looks like all of us kids are having a break. ^_^ i’m pretty darn bored. got nothing much to do. i spend maii days glomping this compie of mine. speaking about it, i hafta clean it up a bit. it’s getting a bit dusty. 😛 last friday, my bro & i went out with cedrick. he wanted to come over and go out. welps, i was too lajee to call other people to join us. we went to a billiard hall & played for an hour. cedrick arrived in the late aftenoon & i can’t stay out that late ‘coz maii dad would be somehow pissed at me. ^_^;;; i didn’t ask permission…that’s why. i didn’t have much money. gladly, ced offered he pay for it. awww~ how shweet! XD mwahahhahahaha!! my bro & i were happy ‘coz it wasn’t a burden to our pockets. he didn’t pay much anyway so it’s cool.

this thursday, i’ll be going to school. *ugh* i hate school ‘coz i dun like the environment there. it reminds me of how stupid i am in class & everything. im reminded of ugly memories. XP i also hate it when i dun have anyone to be with during maii breaks. 😛 uhh…matte…i dun think i even have break time during my classes! O_o except when i got p.e. & autocad.

i’m already in volume 13 of sailor moon. ^_^v all’s a surprise to me. the manga plotline is a different from the anime. awww~ i wish they sticked to the manga. aigoo, it’s always like that. -_-;;; a few more volumes then i will read chobits. ^^ need a li’l background on that tho.