DS questions again!

If you read Nintendo’s FAQs, you will see there that they do NOT recommend screen protectors. I also didn’t even think of buying those. Recently, I checked my screen and noticed 3 small scratches on the touch screen. They can only be seen like when the unit is off. Now I’m thinking of buying a screen protector. Playing WEWY is too rough for my Cerveza Negra DS Lite. -_-

1. Do you think a screen protector will cover up the minimal scratches even at the slightest?
2. Do you strongly suggest I get a screen protector?
3. What brand should I buy? I’m thinking of something cheap yet is of very good quality, will not leave sticky residues on the screen, will not have bubbles, and will not create more (even small) scratches.

Here are my options though I’m not sure if they’re all available here. I think I may have seen HORI ones here yet I’ve read there are fake ones of it.

Liquid Crystal Filter
Protection Filter

Nintendo should release a DS with scratch-proof touch screens. I’m feeling low just because of these scratches. I know they’re normal with a console like the DS, but… But… ;_;

On other news, the pink DS Lite I have here is finally sold! I wanted to keep it because with its color, fingerprints are hardly noticeable and it’s so cute. XD Also, it looks smaller than my Cerveza Negra. 😛 Anyway, answers please! I plan on buying tomorrow. XDDD I can’t keep myself from playing for more than a day. D:


  • cathy

    the liquid crystal filter should be sufficient…i have those and they work great. =)

    and YES, screen protectors are highly recommended…you will know after having played elite beat agent (even with screen protectors on)…

    i think nintendo is crazy to not recommend protectors cuz the screens are fragile (especially the top screen).
  • Shabby

    Hi Cathy! Thanks for the input. I got the Hori, but I think what I got are fake, so I removed them and using qtips/cotton buds as my stylus. XD I guess it’s the best solution for now.

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