Dipping noodles at Mitsuyado Sei-men

I have been to Mitsuyado Sei-men: The House of Tsukemen twice. The first was with Kat and Drew and the second was when the family and I celebrated Moms Day.

First set of photo spam is from the first visit.


Mitsuyado Sei-men has very interesting interiors — From flooring to ceiling. It has that feel of Japan from many many years ago. I say that based on old Japanese flicks I’ve seen. XD; Lanterns and old posters lined up the walls. They even have this small ramen stall inside which made me want so much to go to Japan already and experience the real deal.

The restaurant offers a different kind of eating noodles. I’m sure that is/was new to many. They have tsukemen or dipping noodles where you dip, in the case of Mitsuyado Sei-men, freshly-made noodles with imported Japanese flour, in a broth of your choice. There are many broths and sauces from their menu. You can also choose if you want your noodles cold or warm. Cold noodles would be al dente and warm or hot would be soft noodles. I think I went for hot, soft noodles on both visits.





Just props. 🙁

In my first visit in the restaurant with Drew and Kat, we sat at the ramen stall. About four people can sit there. It was a nice spot. With our backs facing everyone else, we were able to privately enjoy our noodles and we didn’t feel the rush to eat when there were people waiting for their turn to dine. Alright, sorry about that, but it was just cool to sit there.



The restaurant also has the raved gyoza which I have to try again. I remember it being very good thanks to Drew for having an order and sharing with us, but I must go back for it aside from their other dishes.

After a very heavy meal, we went to Yamato bakeshop beside the restaurant. I have nothing to say about the bakeshop yet. I had their red velvet cake slice and it was alright. There’s a reason to come back though because they already have cronuts!



I very much liked the tsukemen. The broths are salty and packed with flavor. The flavor and taste then becomes balanced with the dipped noodles. There’s an option to put cheese on the noodles, but I think that will just ruin the taste of any broth. Besides, the noodles and soup are already heavy so adding cheese might be too much.

My second visit was to celebrate Moms Day. I recommended the restaurant to the family because I wanted them to experience the dipping noodles although I already made them zaru soba. It is almost the same as dipping noodles but in cold soup.







I prefer the very first tsukemen I ordered because there were lots of meat and vegatables and the broth was thicker. Spicier even.

Oh, here’s a group photo with the family.


The place was packed on both times I went there. That doesn’t always prove how good a restaurant is, but they wouldn’t be packed until now if their food is not good and gratifying. I guess the price range of their food is reasonable at PhP250 to PhP500.

Mitsuyado Sei-men is located at No. 22 Jupiter Street, Brgy. Bel Air,Makati City. They are open from 11AM to 11PM.

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