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Dior Rouge Dior Liquid in Hectic Matte, Dressed to Matte, Black Matte, and Hologlam

One of Dior’s new and permanent releases this year is the Rouge Dior Liquid that comes in Rock Matte, Electric Metal, and Pop Satin shades at an overall 33. I have four, three of which are matte and one metal. I should have gotten a satin for review, but I easily get attracted to matte and metal shades. πŸ˜†


From Dior’s website:
Now Rouge Dior has been reinvented as the first liquid lipstick formula by Dior with multiple effects and surprising color impact. Rouge Liquid saturates lips with comfort and coverage, delivering 12-hour* long wear.

The Rouge Dior Liquid formula is an expert blend of mineral wax, ultra-fine powders, and oils that gives strength to the color, while delivering a perfect glide over the lips and a long-wearing result. Qualities once thought incompatible β€” comfort and wear, color impact in a liquid β€” are now reunited in Rouge Dior Liquid.

The applicator of the liquid lipstick is a short, slightly pointed and flexible wand with reservoir that holds enough product to completely cover thin lips like mine. I don’t double-dip unless I really want to layer. It has a subtle powder and floral scent that goes away after a while.

Rouge Dior Liquid 862 Hectic Matte

The 862 Hectic Matte is my first Rouge Dior Liquid. Its shade is described as dark purple. It feels creamy upon application on the lips and has a velvety finish.

Some dark liquid lipsticks can be tricky to apply. This is an exception. I guess it’s the applicator and formula. Somebody mentioned this is patchy. I don’t find mine to be. Also, this is easy to layer without even crumbling. So just apply a second layer, should it be patchy upon first application.

Wear time is about six hours with some drinking and talking. It’s not transfer-proof, but can survive a meal.

Rouge Dior Liquid 828 Dressed to Matte

828 Dressed to Matte is a recent addition in my collection and now a favorite. The color is redish brown that has the same creamy feel. However, it turns to a flat matte finish after an hour or so of wear. This stains especially after a (second) reapplication and have longer wear time.

Rouge Dior Liquid 908 Black Matte

I have several black lipsticks in both bullet and liquid, but none are as good as this one. 908 Black Matte is opaque in just one swipe, easy to apply–doesn’t need a lip liner, and non-drying. Its black color reminds me of pusit. πŸ˜†

Its longevity is shortest among the mattes at about four to five hours. Also transfers slightly and definitely requires a touch up after a meal.

Rouge Dior Liquid 601 Hologlam

601 Hologlam is the only metal shade I have, so far, which I haven’t tried yet. The color finish is silver–not holo at all–that may be used as a topper or on its own.


The matte Rouge Dior Liquid are non-drying and are easy to apply. If you dislike drying mattes–those that make your lips feel they’re turning to raisins–you will like Dior’s liquid mattes . (Once I get some satin and another or two of the metal, then I will update my recommendations.) The 12-hour wear claimed by Dior is far-fetched, but they do have very decent longevity in spite not being transfer-proof.

Labels are colored accordingly.
This is helpful if you store lip products upside-down for shade reference.

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Availability and Price

The Rouge Dior Liquid is the latest addition in Dior’s permanent range of lip products and, I believe, would replace the old glosses. So far, all shades are permanent including the black and silver. I had a FOMO moment when I saw the black. I worried it was limited edition. πŸ˜†

The price is PHP 1900 with 6ml of product. Dior has a boutique in SM Makati and stall in Rustan’s Shangri-La.

In case I missed any details, please leave a comment below. I will answer ASAP! πŸ˜€

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