Dior Precious Rocks Holiday 2017 Collection

I know it’s lazy of me to blog about this just now. But since I don’t have a birthday haul, I’ll blog this instead. πŸ™‚

Dior Precious Rocks is Dior’s holiday collection from last year. This is my second time to buy from their holiday collections. πŸ™‚

Diorific Precious Rocks Golden Glow Loose Powder

Thank goodness a puff was included

The Golden Glow Loose Powder is made of very, very fine gold glitters. It doesn’t feel gritty. It’s also not obvious on the skin unless I put on _a lot_ or unless the light hits.

This is my alternative if I don’t feel like using a shimmery body oil (on days when it’s very hot and humid). After I apply sunscreen, I pat this on my arms.

Plastic tub with gold lid
I removed the entire sticker protector

Surprisingly, it is not messy to use and doesn’t transfer. Maybe the glitter is just too fine for me to notice.

On hand for size

Diorific Matte Fluid Lip & Cheek Velvet Colour in 008 Intensity

The holiday collection includes again four Diorific Matte Fluids. I bought only two. Out of all matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, this is one of my favorite formulas because:

  • It’s non-drying
  • Long-lasting–it can last through a meal or two and drinks
  • Comfortable and light on the lips
  • Doesn’t crumble even when reapplied

I find it better than the Rouge Dior Liquid.

On the cheeks, it has great longevity even on my oily skin.

008 Intensity is a wine shade. This applies patchy. Thankfully, this matte formula can be layered that it’s easy to even it out. I have yet to try this on my cheeks. I know this seems scary, but I’m so curious how it would look. πŸ™‚

Small applicator, but easy to apply with

Diorific Matte Fluid Lip & Cheek Velvet Colour in 005 Charm

006 Charm is a brown-nude shade with a hint of pink. One of my picks when I can’t decide on a lipstick.

5 Couleurs Precious Rocks in 347 Emerald

I love the yellow and greens in this palette. πŸ˜€

The 5 Couleurs Precious Rocks in 347 Emerald is my first Dior eyeshadow. I steered away from eyeshadows of high-end brands for years as I read they usually have poor pigmentation. Though I do have Estee Lauder eyeshadow palettes, they’re gifts or came with sets. I just wouldn’t intentionally buy high-end eyeshadows back then.

It was love at first sight at the center shade.

Here are swatches.

These five eyeshadows are all shimmery, not powdery, easy to blend, and may be built to desired intensity without looking muddy. They may be used wet or dry.

Dior Addict Ultra-Glow in 212 Gold Essence

I’m always drawn to gold shades. When I spotted this in a Japanese Instagram account, I nearly became desperate. I found someone who could get it for me (in HK since it was also in the fall release there), but it was out of stock. So I was so shocked and excited that this wasΒ  included in the holiday collection here. πŸ˜€

Dior’s lip gloss formula is one of my favorites, but this is different; it has a thick consistency and weird scent. I thought it had gone bad. Then I discovered a Dior face mask with a similar scent. It’s actually a very strong rose scent.

So I don’t use this as much as I want to. The strong scent fades, but putting this on is already torture.

Brush applicator

Lip Products Swatches of Fluid Mattes

The Diorific Matte Fluid 005 Charm is my favorite among these.

Diorific Khol 341 will be added in this post once I find its photos.

This purchase really had me eating crackers for weeks. HAHAHA~ J/k! I love all of them except Gold Essence.

It will be the holidays again in a few months. Dior hasn’t taken a break from releases this year. I wonder if they will still go all out for the holidays. To be honest, I hope not because their upcoming releases will already burn a hole in my wallet.

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