Dinners and beer :3 – Part 1/2

I hadn’t gotten around to blogging about the gimmicks with friends because I was so lazy (other than being swamped with tasks). XD; In this post — band practice, EnSE Rodents’ videoke night, and Checkpoint Bar gig.

Joiz and I had a couple of dinner dates to discuss the performance — what songs to play and when “formal” practice would be. Our first dinner that week was at Krocodile Grille where Jan, Phoebe, and I usually hang out. Since Joiz and I couldn’t think of anywhere to go, I suggested that restobar even though their service is already crap. ~_~ They should assign more waiters/waitresses in their smoking area. After dinner, we went to my place. What was supposedly practice became ‘Plurk flooding night.’ @_@ Our second dinner, on a Thursday night, Joiz requested we meet up to finalize the line-up. We had dinner at CBTL (because that’s just fastfood for usme *roflmao*). CBTL GB3 should close early if most of what are in their menu aren’t available. ~_~

Friday was crammingpractice night. Maru came home late when I told him to be early because I had a “meeting,” but is actually videoke. *lol* It’s with the EnSE (Environmental and Sanitary Engineering) Rodents. That’s the name of EnSE’s basketball team. ^_^V Idk why I was invited since I’m no basketball player. As if! *lol* Even though Joiz couldn’t get all the songs right away except for one, we had to adjourn around 10PM. :3 I messaged my college friend Neil that I’ll be late. I prepped myself to look as decent as I can. I wanted to shower, but there wasn’t much time.

EnSE Rodents
EnSE Rodents minus Jose XD;


The videoke was at Platinum KTV. Thank goodness it was there since it’s near my place. ^_^ When I got in the room, everybody went silent. I have no idea why. Then they suddenly shouted, “SHABBY!!! WHY ARE YOU ALREADY A GIRL!?!?!?!?!” Wtf!? I am a girl! *facepalms* They amused me so much though. I ♥ ’em. I miss the days where we often hung out often to smoke, drink, and eat cornbits. XD;

They were having SML, but switched to Red Horse when I arrived. *lol* My voice gave up on me after smoking and laughing a lot. Man, they wanted me to sing a bunch of guy songs including Black Hole Sun to which I shrieked to because Chris Cornell showed up on the huge flat screen. He made me pee a little. *ROFLMAO* The ongs I sang were Gold and Boys Don’t Cry. >_> The guys sang songs for me in dedication to my breakup. They celebrated the fact I don’t have a boyfriend anymore. @_@ I hope we have another night like that. It was so great that I even got bruises on my legs. whut? *roflmao*


That’s the first time in a long, long while that I got drunk. \o\ /o/ \o\ /o/ Stress, lack of sleep, and the band practice contributed to it. I still felt wasted the following day, but I had to be up and ready for the gig. Our band was super out of place. *lol*

Left to right: Reets, Shabbydoo~, Joiz, and Maru

There were some people I wanna beat up. The fellas who sat beside our table threw their cig ashes on our guitars. When they heard me complain, they left. ~_~ Good thing they did or I would have smashed their heads on the wall. Then the ladies there who felt they’re so effin’ pretty… Seriously, there wasn’t a single nice-looking guy there except for my bandmates and @lemonkalbo lulz~. Even the bands couldn’t get their instruments “do the talking.” ~_~ What’s the use of strutting like a model? X_X Amidst of all the annoyances, we still had tons of fun thanks to Reets’ jokes, the reggae bandSLASHshowband at the bar beside Checkpoint, and @lemonkalbo’s presence+being a photographer+THE PIZZA!!! How can we forget the pizza!? *lol* Thanks much, man! 😀 \m/


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