Dinners and beer :3 – Part 2/2

CBI Last Feb. 6, Coffee Break Island had a gig in Penguin Bar. Brother was game to it when I told him the gig was due to Bob Marley’s birthday. 😀 Before that though, I spent some time alone Power Plant — browsed for books at Fully Booked, looked for Keroro plamos at toyshops, and had tea at CBTL. A salesman in a toyshop was goofing around. He accidentally hit me with his whole body (can’t describe it right, sorry). I got so pissed that I elbowed him. That wasn’t really my day. ~_~ Anyway, back to the gig, brother and I left at 10PM. We got a bit lost since it’s been years since we’ve set foot on that area. I was worn out when we arrived in Penguin Bar. I was starting to feel sick, but I tried to ignore the feeling. We had ice-cold beer which I lost count of and nachos which totaled to PhP350 only. *rofl* I was too lazy to compute our bill, yet I did see the waitress made a mistake in charging us with a beer we didn’t order.

Pink Wave
Pink Cow — a side project of Reggae Mistress?

Cold, cold, cold Cerveza Negra ♥

There were lots of foreigners, some ganguro, ladies looking out of place (like they were going to a debut), and cool girls who drank beer with their guy friends/boyfriends. SomeONE that night made me want to puke. I was in front of the washroom waiting for my turn. Girls take forever, don’t they? *lol* As if I’m not a girl. XD; While I was standing impatiently, I felt a hand on my shoulder. This hand then rubbed my arm. I turned around to see a very tall, smiling gaijin. O_O I was shocked. He walked in front of me and flashed another smile. What he did brought back bad memories when I was young, so I felt sicker than I already did.

Happy dancin' people
Happy dancin’ people

CBI started their uber long set around 12MN. XD; Gad, am I a super fan of their bassist! 😀 The crowd kept blocking my view of him, but I was too weak to even bother with them. Just before brother and I left, we got to talk with Jun who’s the drummer of CBI. He introduced us to the other band members. Awesomesauce.

More pictures from the gig are uploaded here. :3 Come Sunday that same weekend, Phoebe and I met up for drinks in CBTL. We’re getting old that we only drink coffee or tea. Haha~ (Also, I was effin’ sick so any liquor or alcohol won’t do me any good.)

Phoebe and I at Isshin
Isshin dinnar~

We also had super late dinner at ISSHIN. Fcuk, I ♥ their tekkadon.


Next dinner out was still with Phoebe at Kabisera right after I watched He’s Just Not That Into You. The movie was so-so. What annoyed me were the people in the theater. I made sure to sit somewhere far from where the people/couples are. But, eventually, I was surrounded with couples effin’ holding hands. Show respect to the loners. GRRRR~


Hmm, so far that’s that. Oh yeah, I had dinner with Jaja in Sbarro Glorietta 5 last week. I treated her to blueberry cheesecake 😀 Somebody invited me out for dinner, but I had to decline because I looked extremely wasted that night. I also can’t break my promise to Jaja. ^^ Unfortunately, those guys went to the same resto as we did. So much for ‘hiding.’ XDDD;


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