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Dinner experience at Filipino-cuisine Dekada

Relatives, bro, and I had dinner at Filipino-cuisine Dekada the night prior our gramps’ flight back to the US. No one could think of a restaurant in Glorietta (gramps’ hotel was nearest there), so the bro checked Zomato and they decided on Dekada. Dekada is at Glorietta 3 near the Landmark-Glorietta connecting entrance.

The dinner at Dekada

We arrived at the restaurant around 8PM. While we waited for a table, a waiter insisted huge meals good for big groups. That was fine, but slightly annoyed me. Then as soon he ushered us, he assisted another table and didn’t leave us a menu.

20170125_205113 Pablo-Barbon-Cedro Family Dinner v2

I expected two attendants to take our orders being a big group, but only one did. Imagine how long that took when we still had to wait for our orders. I was starving. I was HANGRY.

20170125_204623 Dekada

My order was Dinendeng–Steamed tilapia with sigarilyas (winged beans), mussels, and clams. So healthy that it’s so bland. πŸ˜†

20170125_213039 Dekada
Cramped restaurant

Out of all the food we had, only the Aligue at Alimasag Fried Rice was delicious. I don’t think I would eat there again. My Dinengdeng wasn’t served yet and they already asked for last orders. When I asked for a juice refill, the waiter refilled everyone else’s drink first. Dekada’s service is overall slow and bad and the food wasn’t any remarkable.

Anyway, a photo of gramps and I πŸ™‚

20170125_203104 Pablo-Barbon-Cedro Family Dinner

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