Days 1 and 2 of the unplanned beach trip

I miss out-of-town trips, but when I was asked to go to Boracay I had second thoughts just because that place is over-hyped. I would rather visit London and stay at one of Blackpool hotels for vacation. But ‘rents made me go which, in the end, I’m glad they did.

I stayed in Boracay around mid-July for four days and three nights. It was originally just three days and two nights, but I decided to make myself poorer. LOL This post will cover the first and second days only as it will get image-heavy. You’ve been warned! πŸ˜›

Boracay 2011 Day 1 003
Inside NAIA Terminal 3

My plane to Kalibo was AirPhil Express. That’s my first time with that airline. It’s not so bad, but I find PAL comfier. Since my departure time was just right after lunch time and the local flight doesn’t have food, so I had to eat out. I tried Raku Hokkaido Ramen House’s Curry Tonkatsu. It wasn’t bad, but I should have ordered something else. I think the ginger was too strong.

Boracay 2011 Day 1 001

Boracay 2011 Day 1 002

Boracay 2011 Day 1 005
First stop — Sto. Nino Church

Boracay 2011 Day 1 007

First time I’ve traveled looking all girly. πŸ™‚ The folks I traveled with thought I was only 18 years old and they wouldn’t even accept the fact that I’m lot older than that. LOL

Boracay 2011 Day 1 011
Second stop was Jollibee for a quick (and free) snack πŸ˜€

Boracay 2011 Day 1 013

Boracay 2011 Day 1 014
This area reminded me of the City of Surigao

Boracay 2011 Day 1 018 Boracay 2011 Day 1 019
Tiring scenery from the airport to Jetty Port

Boracay 2011 Day 1 026
At Jetty Port; those are all my stuff πŸ™‚

Boracay 2011 Day 1 025

Boracay 2011 Day 1 028
Faces and places

Boracay 2011 Day 1 029
Got stuck in line here

Boracay 2011 Day 1 030

Boracay 2011 Day 1 031
The ride to Boracay Island

Boracay 2011 Day 1 032
Gonna see this port again in a few days

Boracay 2011 Day 1 033

Boracay 2011 Day 1 041
Now at Boracay Island… Just camwhoring πŸ˜€

So at Boracay, we stayed at Orinda Resorts. It’s a very nice, humble resort with free wifi. Since it was already dark to take pictures of the resort, here’s a picture of angel clams instead.

Boracay 2011 Day 1 045
Have you tried this?

On the second day of the trip, honestly, I didn’t feel all excited like how I felt when I went to Panglao. But that changed when I went swimming and island hopping. I thought it’s best to be excited of what could possibly happen in the trip. πŸ™‚

Boracay 2011 Day 2 004
Nami Resort

First activity is touring the island/island hopping.

Boracay 2011 Day 2 005
Boat used for the island hopping

Boracay 2011 Day 2 015

Boracay 2011 Day 2 017
Crocodile Island

Boracay 2011 Day 2 020

Boracay 2011 Day 2 021
Stones and weeds! Oh wait… These are different.

Boracay 2011 Day 2 023

Boracay 2011 Day 2 033

Boracay 2011 Day 2 036
That was my lunch XD

Boracay 2011 Day 2 050

Boracay 2011 Day 2 074

Boracay 2011 Day 2 075

Boracay 2011 Day 2 078

And, Manny Pacquiao’s resort:

Boracay 2011 Day 2 084

Boracay 2011 Day 2 088

Boracay 2011 Day 2 089
See Pacquiao?

Boracay 2011 Day 2 091

Boracay 2011 Day 2 090

Boracay 2011 Day 2 092

Boracay 2011 Day 2 097

Boracay 2011 Day 2 098

In the late afternoon, I thought I’d try the banana boat.

Boracay 2011 Day 2 109
Guess who/what I took a picture of. Hrhr~

Boracay 2011 Day 2 113
Hi, this is moi.

Boracay 2011 Day 2 119
Done with the banana ride and helping somebody up

Boracay 2011 Day 2 122

During the ride, I saw a lot of floating garbage on one part of the island. I saw plastic containers and bags in variety of colors. I didn’t have a camera, so I have no proof. I’m not sure if the others on the banana boat saw it too. I hope concerned locals saw and collected them. Anyway, we finished the night with dinner at Shangri-La Boracay. I’m rich like that. LULz~

Boracay 2011 Day 2 153

Boracay 2011 Day 2 150
Map of the resort

Boracay 2011 Day 2 129

Boracay 2011 Day 2 134
I tried the soup and pasta. Then mostly ate sushi and sashimi.

Boracay 2011 Day 2 136

How could I forget the dessert?

Boracay 2011 Day 2 140

Boracay 2011 Day 2 139
May I take you home? πŸ˜€

I ate so much that I could hardly breathe and I thought I was going to barf. But smoking while so full feels great.

Out of the many trips I had, I still never learn — I always pack up at the last minute and end up forgetting one or two things. But I only forgot one this time and that’s my BB Cream. It’s just a cream, but it’s essential! XD;;


  • Kat

    “On the second day of the trip, honestly, I didn?t feel all excited like how I felt when I went to Panglao.” — Important sentence haha.

    Food! And Manny’s house… um… Sino designer nyan?

    • Shabby

      I hardly know anything about Bohol other than their chocolate hills and tarsier, so it was really exciting to go there.

      Regarding Manny’s resort, Idk. When he had issues because the corals were destroyed due to the building of that resort, he suddenly denied it’s his.

  • Grysh

    Thank you for sharing these photos of Boracay! I’ve never been to Boracay so I don’t really know how it looks. But dang, it looks awesome! Manny Pacquiao’s resort looks a lot smaller than i expected it to be. Or maybe it is just because of the shot?

    • Shabby

      You’re welcome. πŸ™‚ Manny’s resort isn’t that big, but it’s not that small either. The view from that place is awesome though. πŸ™‚ I”ll post the rest of the pictures soon. Maybe later. πŸ˜›

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