Damn YouTube, “Greenade” results, + meme

YouTube deleted one of the videos I uploaded. ~_~ It was getting a lot of hits and comments. Now it’s gone. XP Whoever reported the video should be whacked. I want to use my VOX account as a permanent place to upload videos (like where I usually post scans of artbooks, photobooks, etc.), but YouTube’s where everyone is! GRR~

I got the scans from my films about 2 weeks ago. Just got my lazy ass to edit (only adjust the brightness & contrast) and upload some of the pictures recently. ^_^


Neo Chinatown
Neo Chinatown

I haven’t uploaded everything from the first roll. Should get around that soon.

I am not too happy with the results. Most of them came out too dark. πŸ™ But at least I know what my mistakes are and to do better next time. The only good thing is that 15 out of 16 shots came out. :DDD

Here’s a handwriting meme I saw from hisaki’s LJ. ^^ I wasn’t tagged, but I wanted to do it. *lol*

Handwrite the following things and upload it so your friends can see what your handwriting looks like!
1) name/username
2) left or right handed?
3) favourite letters to write
4) least favourite characters to write
5) write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
6) tag 5 people

Shabby's handwriting


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