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Cutie Honey: The Live

I downloaded all 25 episodes of Cutie Honey while I was in VA (abused the connection lolz~) and watched as soon as I arrived back in the country. ^^ It felt weird to watch Cutie Honey. The last time I’ve watched tokusatsu was back in grade school. *lol* Only this shouldn’t be watched by kids because there are scenes not suited for them. D:

Do you have to grab it like that?
Do you have to grab it like that?

Gravure idol Mikie Hara stars as Cutie Honey. She’s very optimistic, cheerful, and playful even when it comes to fighting the bad guys from Panther Claw. Is it possible to have huge hips and have a small butt at the same time? >_> In the series, she has two other ‘sisters.’ The first who makes an appearance is Saotome Miki (Ayame Misaki). She’s my favorite among them because she’s bad-ass yet she still looks pretty and sexy at the same time. ♥ Her weapon is the coolest even. XD; Kenmochi Yuki is the last and my least fave. She’s kinda creepy. Her childishness and innocence can’t even compare to Honey’s. Imagine being kidnapped, getting excited about it, and helping the kidnapper get a huge ransom money. Later on in the series, Yuki becomes some evul girl who gets extremely selfish and greedy for power. The first reason I kept watching Cutie Honey is because of this guy:

Shouma Yamamoto
Shouma Yamamoto

Seiji Hayami is a private detective. A clumsy one at that. He is terribly FUNNY and cute. ^_~ The girls in the show are stupid for not taking notice of his advances. It’s fine that Miki doesn’t like him though because she’s mine. lulz~ XDDD

I'd take those flowers ♥ XDDD
I’d take those flowers ♥ XDDD
No, you're not. *ROFLMAO* XDDD
No, you’re not. *ROFLMAO* XDDD
He's like a little boy. ♥♥♥♥
He’s like a little boy. ♥♥♥♥
Working his butt off
Working his butt off
His reaction after Honey admits being in love. XD
His reaction after Honey admits being in love. XD

He got boring for a while when he got strong. I find his weak side better and a turn-on. *roflmao* He easily gets beat up, he’s often frightened, interested in demonish (sic) things, a stalker, and an awesome singer.

That's the way to videoke!
That’s the way to videoke!

Second is Saotome Miki. Did I mention that she’s mine? *lol* I remember scaring someone like this before:



I punched the guy because he wouldn’t listen. I wanted to kick him, but I remember that I almost broke somebody’s spine. I don’t wanna pay for hospital fees. *lol*

Miki’s really pretty and has a cute boylet.




And she also has big boobs and ass. It’s no wonder that Karusagawa Mayumi, a principal of an elite private school who is also part of evul panther claw, is after her. ^_~





There’s also a love triangle. *lol* Yuki likes Honey and Hayami likes Yuki. Man, it would have been better if Miki’s the one interested in Honey. XD



I have yet to meet a girl who’s super selfish like Yuki. XD; Oh well, prolly even I wouldn’t want to share with anyone else the guy I like. Haha~

More than halfway of the series, things heat up with drama and action that I didn’t expect I’d see this:

Wtf is with the position!? Is this still Cutie Honey? *facepalms*
Wtf is with the position!? Is this still Cutie Honey? *facepalms*


This Honey knows no fear! I can only go as far as confessing to someone that I like him, but not asking for marriage! D:



The sudden marriage proposal and force of Honey’s love to Giza brought about his fourth personality. A super gay one. XDDD; I rofl’d irl. I thought Giza and Honey would make a wonderful couple although a bit sickening. >_>

I wondered why the actor who played Dr. Kisaragi is familiar. I checked and I found out he’s the mangaka of Cutie Honey. D: Anyway, that’s about it on my take about the series. Not helpful, huh? *lol* I enjoyed it. The fight scenes aren’t crap except that you can see how fake it is. lulz~ Surprisingly, the transformations didn’t give me goosebumps. Thank goodness for that. Also, they aren’t as repetitive like Sailor Moon.

There are other live versions of Cutie Honey. I wanna see those too. But it’s best I read the 2-volume manga first.

The only cool scene of the Panther Claw boiz~
The only cool scene of the Panther Claw

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