Created an iOS theme out of frustration

I must bring my S3 to the shop to have the headphone jack fixed. That’s frustrates me because I can’t bear to be away from the phone for who knows how long. … LOL? Out of frustration and because I have to use the ol’ phone again (but at least I got something to use, right?), I thought of creating a theme. The iOS UI looks boring to me anyway.

After more than a day of researching, downloading, and tinkering, here’s what I came out with. Primarily inspired by “these were made by human hands” which hardly looks anywhere near what I made.


Preview of Delicious font


Droid Sans font on keyboard

I would have finished in maybe six hours or less if I hadn’t tried to create icons. I forgot I can’t do that. HAHA~ Anyway, after opening several apps, few more customizations must be done.

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