Coz I are Asti model… LULz~

Pictures from earlier’s camwhoring session with the folks:

Asti 2010-0814 001v2

The picture is already blurred and my Mum even photobombed it. DX

Asti 2010-0814 002v2

The Papa bear couldn’t wait for the shot to “finish.”

Asti 2010-0814 003v2

I look tired. I blame the humidity. 😐

Asti 2010-0814 004v2

With my Mum this time

I don’t know why she wanted to show that. Don’t ask what _that_ is coz I dunno. LOL

Asti 2010-0814 005v2

Chilled Asti ♥

My supposed profile pic in Fezbuk, but I changed my mind.

I had this urge or need to drink because of stress with life issues. Haha~ T_T I don’t care if liquor or alcohol is only a temporary solution. At least I get some peace of mind even for a while.

This post is out of boredom and because I still feel lazy to blog about my birthday celebrations. 😛

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