Cover Me

“How can I show you I’m glad

I got to know you ‘coz

I’ve heard some talk

they say you think I’m fine.

Yes, I’m in love

and what I’d do to make you mine

tell me now, is it so?”

01 – Fastball – This Guy’s in Love With You

02 – Matt Nathanson – Romeo and Juliet

03 – Violent Femmes – Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

04 – Aerosmith – Come Together

05 – Easy Star All-Stars – Paranoid Android [feat. Kirsty Rock]

06 – Norwegian Recycling – No Taylor, No Scar

07 – Redd Kross – Dancing Queen

08 – Skandalous All Stars – Rock the Casbah

I’m not on a roll. ^_^V The first mixtape was released ages ago. It’s just about time that there’s a second one. XDDD My personal favorites in this playlist are This Guy’s in Love With You, Rock the Casbah, and Paranoid ANDROID.

Like the playlist? Download the songs here.

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