Cosplay Mania 2016

I was able to attend Cosplay Mania 2016 with GameOPS for media coverage (pictures are up at GameOPS Facebook page). Cosplay Mania was held at SMX last October 1-2 and the event was packed with activities although not all are accessible depending on your ticket. Ticket prices range from PhP249 to a shocking PhP2499. The price varies depending on the access, freebies, contests, and if you want to go standing or reserved seating in the Cosplay Mania JAM x I <3 Anisong Concert. I haven't been to any cosplay events in a loooooooooooooooooooooong time, so I had no idea if events as such really go this high (maybe even higher depending on the invited guests). The event was quite packed. There were lots of merchandise for sale. Personally, I only wanted to check Daiso because there’s one item of theirs that I have had difficulty finding. Oh, and since there was an NHK booth, there was a Domokun mascot! I didn’t get to take a photo of him though. πŸ™

The boyfriend took more than a hundred photos, which I painstakingly sorted and edited. The camera was initially set for indoor product shoot, so the first few photos were under fluorescent light white balance setting. I really tried. πŸ™ I haven’t edited this much in so long either.


20161001_142711 Cosplay Mania

20161001_143613 Cosplay Mania

20161001_144549 Cosplay Mania

20161001_144628 Cosplay Mania

20161001_145038 Cosplay Mania

20161001_145048 Cosplay Mania

20161001_150823 Cosplay Mania

20161001_153104 Cosplay Mania

20161001_153242 Cosplay Mania

20161001_154531 Cosplay Mania

20161001_155151 Cosplay Mania

20161001_155647 Cosplay Mania

20161001_160441 Cosplay Mania

20161001_161204 Cosplay Mania

20161001_162136 Cosplay Mania

20161001_162449 Cosplay Mania

20161001_163146 Cosplay Mania

20161001_163649 Cosplay Mania

20161001_163817 Cosplay Mania

20161001_163842 Cosplay Mania

20161001_164307 Cosplay Mania

20161001_164737 Cosplay Mania

20161001_165649 Cosplay Mania

Everything is uploaded in my Flickr — If you find yourself in one of the photos and want to be linked or tagged, contact me or leave a comment below. I would be glad to put your name. πŸ™‚

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