Coron 2011 [Part 2 of 2]

In case you missed it, I highly suggest you read first part 1 of the Coron 2011 blog series.

Second and last day of island hopping

20111101_072701 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]
When you see it…

Our boatman recommended we buy fresh meat at the wet market for our lunch. Part of the island hopping tours (that go for the whole day) is lunch to be prepared by the tour guide and boatman. ๐Ÿ™‚

20111101_083521 Coron

20111101_085857 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]
Waiting and trying not to get too burned by the sun any more than we’d get XD;

20111101_085334 Coron
Back to the boat

Friends from HS and I were on TG yesterday. One retorted where there could possibly be no traffic and I answered Palawan. I added that if only there is a very good-paying job in Palawan, I would move there, and often beach after work. *dreams*

20111101_091257 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]
Lush greenery ?

20111101_093004 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]

This was our first stop. Not that island, but from where the above photo was taken. There’s a rock formation near our boat that made the water somewhat shallow.

20111101_104832 Coron [Lumix GF2]
That’s not me ๐Ÿ˜›

20111101_110244 Coron [Lumix GF2]
Time to snorkel! ๐Ÿ˜€

As I see all photos of us swimming and snorkeling, which I’m obviously not sharing for your sanity ๐Ÿ˜† , makes me wish I’m in Coron right now. T_T I’m blogging in my dining room with the fan on 3 and it’s still so hot.

20111101_105529 Coron [Lumix GF2]

There’s more to see than just fish and corals. Our boatman showed us a kamikaze and other war relics under water.


20111101_110947 Coron [Lumix GF2]
The island’s where tourists/island hoppers (if there’s such term) eat their lunch

20111101_111008 Coron [Lumix GF2]
Gutting fish probably

I don’t know if boatmen coordinate (and how they do it idk because phone signal was shit then) when their guests would have lunch in the island because I think they take turns. Upon asking, the boatman coyly referred to a website from where he brought a transistor from, to which I was astonished at the influence of technology this deep in the village. This only intrigued me toย check out their site. 20111101_112306 Coron [Lumix GF2]

20111101_120958 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111101_123133 Coron [Lumix FS5]
Lunch served!


20111101_123116 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111101_123208 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111101_130445 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111101_130448 Coron [Lumix FS5]

This doggo tried to be adorbs and sweet for food. ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

20111101_130530 Coron [Lumix FS5]

We spent quite a while in the island for lunch and took lots of photos.

20111101_133838 Coron [Lumix GF2]
My arm looks so bronze ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ?

Another lagoon

20111101_135649 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]

20111101_135952 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]
Sea urchin

We don’t have photos of the lagoon we went to, but I remember we had to swim and go under what seemed to be a cave. The lagoon had very dark water. At first it was fun because we were the only people in the lagoon since it was almost 4PM. The farther I swam, the more I got scared because I started to imagine what might be under that body of water. I nearly panicked and drowned. ๐Ÿ˜† Because we couldn’t get out of the water–no land, soil, whatever–we swam back to the boat. My arms were tired at this point.

One more cave

I remember our tour guide said that you have to pass through a cave to get to the white sand beach.

20111101_141234 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]
“Secret beach”

We didn’t go to the beach anymore, but we checked the cave. You can already see the white sand from there already.

20111101_140047 Coron [Lumix GF2]

Back to the harbor

20111101_143556 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]

20111101_143604 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]

20111101_143732 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]

20111101_143758 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]

Before we returned to the hotel, we went to the market to look for souvenirs since we wouldn’t have free time the following morning. I bought keychains and a Coron tee. The sunglasses I wore in the trip was a pair of fake Ray-Bans I also bought there. They’re cheaper than the fakes sold in Metro Manila and even sturdier. I had to buy fakes to use for island hopping because I dont’wnat to risk the sunglasses I brought with me. ๐Ÿ˜†

Another foosball night

20111101_211709 Coron

20111101_212321 Coron


20111102_072418 Coron
Early breakfast in a carinderia before the ride back to the airport

2011 Coron 016 [LC-A+]

20111102_171301 Coron
Souvenir keychains

We went to Coron during the non-working All Saints and All Souls Days that I would consider to be peak dates, but there weren’t many people in the island then. Maybe it’s different during summer or maybe it’s just not as popular as, for example, Boracay.

Here are some necessary information if you have plans to visit Coron.

  • The following airlines offer flights to Busuanga: SKYJET Airlines, Philippine Airlines, and Cebu Pacific Air. Cebu Pacific Air is the cheapest option among them.
  • Avail airport pick-up from your accommodation should they have it.
  • Back then, cellular network signal of Globe and Smart are shit in the islands. I’m not sure now, but you might want to still keep that in mind.
  • Don’t be an assholeBe kind to the environment. ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t throw your garbage in the waters of Coron.
  • I don’t remember if we paid for any environmental fee, but they might charge now.

If you recently went to Coron, please share your experience below plus other information and tips we could share to other readers. My return to Palawan is long overdue. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, I hope this gives you an idea and what to expect about Coron albeit “old.” LOL! I hope you enjoyed the photos too. Everything is uploaded in this Flickr album.

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