Coron 2011 [Part 1 of 2]

More than a month and still counting, I still have no internet connection at home, thus lesser blog updates. The upside is I can concentrate on things I have set aside for the longest time and that includes organization of photos. If you only knew, gais, if you only knew…

Anyway, even if I have a trip this year, it’s nowhere at or near the beach. So I’ll just look, reminisce, and share the Coron beach trip with the family 6 years(!) ago. πŸ™‚

Flight and Arrival

We had a surprisingly hassle-free flight with CebuPac, but we didn’t have snacks–the downside to really cheap air fares.

2011 Coron 002 [LC-A+]

2011 Coron 003 [LC-A+]

2011 Coron 004 [LC-A+]
Arrival at Francisco B. Reyes Airport, Busuanga Island

I have long wanted to go to Palawan and I took the opportunity when I found low-priced accommodation in Coron through an online voucher site.

Coron Gateway Hotel

20111031_120112 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111031_141205 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111031_141243 Coron [Lumix FS5]

The staff upgraded our voucher to this sweeeeeet room.

20111031_141253 Coron [Lumix FS5]
Glass doors separate the bed area from the bath tub.
(That’s my brother btw.)

20111031_141312 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111031_141334 Coron [Lumix FS5]
I ♥ the space for all my beauty products. πŸ˜€

20111031_141441 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111031_141449 Coron [Lumix FS5]

Coron Gateway Hotel & Suites (I guess that’s their name now πŸ™‚ ) is located at Coron Harbour Town with a view of Coron Bay. Back in 2011, it’s the only hotel of its kind in Coron afaik. They have function rooms and a restaurant. I don’t recall if they had wifi, but they should have improved their amenities since then.

They also have airport pickup service. I hope it’s better this time though. I requested for an airport pick-up, but we were grouped with other tourists booked elsewhere.

Coron Harbour Town

After some minute’s rest, we walked around the harbor.

2011 Coron 013 [LC-A+]

2011 Coron 005 [LC-A+]

2011 Coron 006 [LC-A+]

2011 Coron 007 [LC-A+]

2011 Coron 008 [LC-A+]

2011 Coron 009 [LC-A+]

Coron is quite a small town. Public transportation mode is tricycle, but we were able to get around by just walking.

20111031_132205 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]

20111031_133515 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111031_134012 Coron [Lumix FS5]

Lunch at La Sirenetta Restaurant & Bar

After getting burned for a few minutes under the sun πŸ˜† , we went to La Sirenetta Restaurant & Bar for lunch.

2011 Coron 010 [LC-A+]

20111031_120303 Coron [Lumix GF2]
Us, pagoda cold wave

Good view from the resto-bar.

2011 Coron 011 [LC-A+]

20111031_121148 Coron [Lumix FS5]

Cross on Mt. Tapyas

20111031_121127 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111031_120736 Coron [Lumix GF2]

20111031_120839 Coron [Lumix GF2]

Based on La Sireneta Restaurant & Bar’s FB Page activity, the resto’s still quite popular although with mixed reviews on food and service. I can’t recall the quality of food it serves, obviously, but I did enjoy the sights from it.

Island Hopping/Tours

20111031_131717 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]

There were many choices for island hopping and boat ride to El Nido, only rates differ.

20111031_131755 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]
I bet those people have switched numbers by now. πŸ˜›

20111031_121134 Coron

We did the Coron Island tour for that afternoon. We also made a deal with our boatman and tour guide for next day’s tour because we preferred to tour without strangers. πŸ˜›

20111031_143842 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]

20111031_144241 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]
Apparently, my Mom was into taking feet photos back then. πŸ˜†

20111031_145840 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]
First stop – Siete Pecados Marine Park

20111031_151431 Coron [Lumix FS5]

Iirc, it was a group of islands. We took a dip; snorkeled to see the colorful fishies and corals.

20111031_151747 Coron [Lumix FS5]

These photos make me miss snorkeling. πŸ™

20111031_152839 Coron [Lumix GF2]
On to the next

20111031_153653 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]

20111031_153917 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]

20111031_155857 Coron [Lumix FS5]

Kayangan Lake

20111031_160021 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111031_160443 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111031_162255 Coron [Lumix GF2]

20111031_162328 Coron [Nikon Coolpix]
The water may look dark, but it’s actually clear enough.

20111031_163822 Coron [Lumix GF2]
Most popular scenery when you Google Image search “Coron”


20111031_170042 Coron [Lumix FS5]

Our boatman and tour guide brought us to a cave. Not much to see because you got to be really small and thin to explore further.

20111031_170118 Coron [Lumix FS5]

A few photos later, we left for our last stop of the day’s tour.

20111031_172405 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111031_172517 Coron [Lumix FS5]
I ♥ the pristine waters of Palawan.

Twin Lagoons

Our last stop was at Twin Lagoons.

20111031_172636 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111031_172801 Coron [Lumix FS5]

20111031_173353 Coron [Lumix GF2]
There’s an option to use the bridge or boat further to the lagoon.

20111031_173349 Coron [Lumix GF2]

All tours must end by 4PM, so we didn’t stay too long in that island. The return to the Harbor was almost an hour too. I was so sleepy on the way back.

Fast forward to evening, we were back at the hotel before 5PM. Our accommodation came with a dinner buffet iirc. There weren’t many options, so it was very disappointing. It was disappointing enough that I remember being disappointed. πŸ˜†

20111031_193349 Coron

Evening shenanigans

My brother and I walked around to look for where we can have drinks. We discovered a bar with foosball tables and lots of foreign customers. It was the only lively place that night. We went there, played foosball, and had beer with free popcorn.

20111031_212919 Coron

20111031_213636 Coron

After a couple of rounds, we returned to the hotel because we had to be up early for the second and last day of island hopping.

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