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Conference and food trip in Cebu – Part 1 of 2

The past two weekends have been very hectic with out-of-town trips each weekend. The first was a vacation in Davao and Samal. The second trip was for work; a conference held in Cebu. I’ll save the best for last. πŸ˜‰ So today’s blog will be about my Cebu trip (no worries, I’ll skip the boring bits). The conference was from the 11th to 14th of September, but we were there from the 10th to 13th. We skipped the last day of the conference because it was only a fieldtechnical trip and a golf tournament.

On the 10th, we arrived mid-afternoon, dropped off our personal luggages in Bayfront Hotel, and headed to Radisson Blu to setup our booth. The company (I now work in) was a Platinum Sponsor in the conference, so we have an exhibit booth twice as big as a regular sponsor’s. We readied our tarpaulin posters and streamers, had a table arrangement and candies and flowers too. The tarpaulins were put up using only tape. As expected, all of them were on the floor the day after preps and the first day of the conference and exhibit. Throughout the duration of the event, we and with the help of Radisson Blu staff kept fixing the tarpaulins especially those with the company names. I’m aware that using regular tape would result in a disaster, but I didn’t have powers in decision-making. I do think that we should have used instead high quality paper or a durable 3M tape.

20150910_143202 Cebu

20150910_144011 Cebu

A better shot to follow somewhere in the photo spam after the jump. πŸ˜‰

Day 1 — Bayfront Hotel, Radisson Blu, and Rico’s Lechon

20150910_144815 Cebu

20150910_152524 Cebu

20150910_160439 Cebu

20150910_160534 Cebu

20150910_160655 Cebu

20150910_175150 Cebu

20150910_175915 Cebu

20150910_175919 Cebu

20150910_182416 Cebu

20150910_182521 Cebu

20150910_182536 Cebu

20150910_190957 Cebu

20150911_070251 Cebu

20150911_071211 Cebu

20150911_071635 Cebu

20150911_071641 Cebu

Day 2 – First day of the conference and exhibit

20150911_074509 Cebu

20150911_074521 Cebu

20150911_091759 Cebu

20150911_091925 Cebu

20150911_092104 Cebu

20150911_092656 Cebu

20150911_092659 Cebu

20150911_092749 Cebu

20150911_093422 Cebu

20150911_094014 Cebu

20150911_094432 Cebu

20150911_095015 Cebu

20150911_101901 Cebu

20150911_102209 Cebu

20150911_102213 Cebu

20150911_110513 Cebu

20150911_122058 Cebu

20150911_122333 Cebu

20150911_124007 Cebu

20150911_143356 Cebu

20150911_183006 Cebu

TBC in the last part of this blog. I wanted to do a single post, but changed my mind when the photos took forever to load.

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