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Conference and food trip in Cebu – Part 2 of 2

So here’s the last and final part of this Cebu trip blog post. πŸ™‚

Day 3 — Another day at the conference and dinner at STK ta Bay!

20150912_094127 Cebu

20150912_110904 Cebu

20150912_131244 Cebu

20150912_131653 Cebu

20150912_174711 Cebu

20150912_175939 Cebu

20150912_182329 Cebu

20150912_190758 Cebu

Day 4 — Exhibit last day
After lunch time, we packed up our booth and checked out of Bayfront Hotel. We had a quick stop at Rico’s Lechon for lunch takeout and ??? (omiyage) then headed to mountain view.

20150913_112424 Cebu

20150913_134531 Cebu

20150913_134541 Cebu

Entrance fee to the mountain view is currently at PhP50. I think that’s a costly entrance fee for a place you can only take pictures in since the place was practically under construction.

20150913_144937 Cebu

20150913_144942 Cebu

20150913_145009 Cebu

20150913_145016 Cebu

20150913_145050 Cebu

20150913_145112 Cebu

20150913_145133 Cebu

20150913_145217 Cebu

20150913_145232 Cebu

20150913_145244 Cebu

20150913_145458 Cebu

20150913_145607 Cebu

20150913_145654 Cebu

The rain started to pour before we got down the mountain and even harder that it started to flood in some streets.

20150913_154312 Cebu

We dropped off one from our group at the airport and bought more ??? from the grocery because it was cheaper there than from a souvenir shop. Our last stop before our flight back to Metro Manila was Shangri-La Mactan because Japanese colleague wanted to see the beach. πŸ™‚

20150913_162714 Cebu

20150913_163350 Cebu

20150913_163415 Cebu

20150913_163532 Cebu

20150913_163542 Cebu

Oh, in the middle of looking for ???, we discovered a certain kind of chocolate cookies. Sales man in the store said it’s their best seller. I wanted to buy one pack, but the price…! I did some research and it seems it’s also available in Manila and probably cheaper. Gonna do more research. Anyway, I believe the exhibit was a success. The event just made me miss my co-workers from the previous office because I know we have great teamwork.

I hope the pictures made it worth your while and, if you haven’t been to Cebu, will make you plan a trip there. I’m already considering a vacation there some time (but not soon though) and inviting friends who will be interested in a food trip. πŸ˜€

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