Company outing in Antipolo

Otw to Antipolo; we left the meeting place at around 8AM.

The company outing was an overnight in Antipolo last June 10 to 11. It was my first time to join. I even got the boyfriend to tag along. 馃檪


Our itinerary was (in order): Pinto Art Museum, Angono Petroglyphs Site, Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery, Marc’s View Deck and Cycling Station, and The Home of Sinigang na Ulo Ulo.

Pinto Art Museum

Owned by Dr. Joven Cuanang, Pinto Art Museum showcases his extensive art collection in different forms. We were early and first to arrive in the museum, so we got a tour guide. Because I was busy taking videos for the vlog, which I’ll be uploading very soon, I didn’t get to listen to him as much. 馃榾 Also, I would like to apologize for the lack of description in each art or photo.

20160610_091500 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_092204 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_092451 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_092621 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_093705 Pint么 Art Museum

The museum’s architecture is Greek-inspired.

20160610_093849 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_094013 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_094149 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_095916 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_100129 Pint么 Art Museum

Beds and benches are situated accordingly in the museum for guests to have the option to rest or relax and enjoy the gardens.

20160610_100236 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_100253 Pint么 Art Museum

This gallery hall has two very wide paintings.

20160610_101017 Pint么 Art Museum
Other visitors, students arrived. It seems our tour guide was the only one available.
20160610_101533 Pint么 Art Museum
From what I heard, this was the car of owner Dr.Cuanang during his university days abroad. (I forgot where.)
20160610_101624 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_102354 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_102039 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_102452 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_103114 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_104312 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_104406 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_104628 Pint么 Art Museum

20160610_105840 Pint么 Art Museum
Doggie was on our trail that played in the garden and chilled (literally, by lying in a pool of water) in the forest.
20160610_110409 Pint么 Art Museum

Regular entrance rate of Pinto Art Musuem is PhP180; PhP150 for Seniors and PhP100 for children and students. They are open Tuesdays to Sundays, 9AM to 6PM. The museum is also open for prenuptial and other events shoots. Visit their Facebook Page for more details.

Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery

I’m one of the few minority who has heard of this restaurant. They’re popular, I’ve been told. Pictures of the former President GMA with her staff dining are even posted in the restaurant.

20160610_123820 Balaw Balaw
20160610_115229 Balaw Balaw 20160610_115255 Balaw Balaw
20160610_115712 Balaw Balaw 20160610_120440 Balaw Balaw

Balaw Balaw offers mostly seafood and possibly exotic for some. The dishes aren’t common. I can’t even recall the names of the dishes above, but only how much food we had. 馃槢

Halo-Halo. I made sure to make space for dessert. 馃檪
Dog-spotting XD This doggie was outside the resto

The restaurant is located at Do帽a Justa Street, Angono, Rizal. Menu and other information are available in their website that doesn’t seem to be updated in a very long time. An early reservation and order placement is a must if you want to go there, particularly big groups, because they’re usually packed. Their contact number is +6326510110.

Angono Petroglyphs Site

Right after lunch, we went to the Angono Petroglyphs Site. We couldn’t have picked a better time. After noon time is usually the warmest in the day.

20160610_141443 Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs Site
Cave entrance
20160610_141815 Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs Site

And when you thought you’ll see the petroglyphs as you pass through the cave, there’s still a long walk to the actual site.

20160610_143420 Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs Site

20160610_143813 Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs Site 20160610_143911 Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs Site

I was told visitors could see the petroglyphs up close before. The management had to make restrictions because of the vandal (in the picture on the right).

The site is located at Binangonan, Rizal. After the National Museum took over management, there is now an entrance fee that won’t burn a hole in your pocket/wallet. PhP20 for adults and PhP10 for children.

Timberland Sports and Nature Club

Around 5PM, we finally arrived where would be staying for the night.

20160610_172438 Timberland, Rizal

20160610_172450 Timberland, Rizal 20160610_172454 Timberland, Rizal

Timberland Sports and Nature Club offers nature activities (hiking trails, camping grounds); facilities for sports & recreation, spa & fitness, children; and overnight accomodations. Since we were a big group, we rented a villa in Timberland Heights. The villa is outside the club, so we get some privacy. But it was also far from the club. We had limited time to enjoy some of the facilities because of the availability and time of the service. Then again, the facilities were only open at certain hours.

The club still makes a decent short getaway from the city. Staying within the club would ensure a more enjoyable and comfortable stay. Details of Timeberland Sports and Nature Club are available in their website.

It seems the photos in Marc’s View Deck and Cycling Station and The Home of Sinigang na Ulo Ulo are missing in my Flickr album. That means I will have to cut this post in two parts. 馃槓

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