Clio Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner 01 Black

Club Clio launched locally just this summer. Their (first) store is in Trinoma, which I was able to visit two days after they opened. I couldn’t leave without anything, so I bought two Ink Velvets that I had wanted for a while and this I’m about to review–Clio Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner in 01 Black.

I find it a challenge to find an eyeliner that wouldn’t budge especially at an affordable price. (I know this isn’t that affordable, but compared to my Dior liners… You know what I mean.)

Product Description

The Clio Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner is slim at only 2mm–friendly for beginners; applies smoothly; has an intense color finish; and water-, sweat-, and oil-proof. It doesn’t need sharpening and is retractable.

There are four shades. I can’t recall if all of them are available here, but these are 01 Black, 02 Brown, 03 Cacao brown, and 04 Maroon Brown. I think the last two are new.


This needs to be warmed up to get an intense black. I don’t warm up on the back my hand, but I go back and forth on my waterline until I get that intensity I want. That could be the reason why I used this up quickly compared with my other liners. My Estee Lauder, for one, is taking forever and I used that everyday.

I was able to truly test its longevity when I went waterfalls swimming and diving. I forgot we were going swimming and I put a thick layer of this on my upper waterline. I also did a nearly hour-long, sweaty hike. This eyeliner held up so well throughout the day even with all the sweat and swimming. Take note, that was summer even. Besides being smudge-proof, it is truly beginner-friendly. The thin pencil makes it easy to line the eyes even without a really steady hand.

There were times it would come off near the outer corners of my eyes, but that’s only when my lids aren’t primed properly.

I am likely to repurchase because it worked so well for me. Only a different shade though… Just look at this Maroon Brown! ♥ I hope it can be a dupe for my expensiveDior eyeliner. 😆

The fact that I used it up quickly is keeping me from buying, however. I wish the pencil was longer since it’s so thin anyway.


Clio is available in Trinoma (store), SM Makati (stall in the beauty section), and Zalora. I checked the latter and this specific product isn’t available there. The Clio Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner is PHP 520.

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