Cities’ involvement in climate change

This was supposed to be for Blog Action Day, but emotional stress got in the way. -_- Oh well, sharing climate change information doesn’t require any special dates.

Before Oct. 1, 2008, I didn’t know the term ‘climate change.’ I only knew global warming. 😐 It was then I started working under the city government that I knew and became aware of climate change. The city has been advocating climate change that we even try to link it in almost every possible global/national issue. Why is the city so much involved then?

There are a lot of cities already taking action especially the rapidly urbanizing ones. People from small cities or provinces tend to move to big cities due to better provision of settlements, jobs, and more places for leisure among others. The rapid urbanization becomes a reason for cities to neglect the safety of residents by providing settlements even in hazardous areas such as the coastal area. Those living there will be more susceptible to the effects of sea level increase. For the rest of the city, they’re exposed to flooding, risk of rising temperature, and possible decline of water supply. Other than these dangers, people’s daily activities will emit more greenhouse gases.

Cities’ initiatives against climate change are through adaptation and mitigation. Adaptation is when people adjust to the changing environment while mitigation are reduction measures against greater impacts of climate change or reduction of GHG emissions. People’s cooperation will make the initiatives more efficient. This presentation shows the adaptation and mitigation measures being done in the city where I live. If you’re not aware of your city’s projects, now is the time to find out and see where you can help. For reference, you may check WB’s Climate Resilient Cities Primer. That is like our climate change bible in the office. *lol*

Pfft, I can come up with a short post on this topic yet I wasn’t able to contribute to BAD09. -_- Anyway, climate change information sharing doesn’t end there. There’s still the 350.org. This time, “offline” action will/must take event event. There are no activities in my city, so I only plan to post a video showing reasons why we should care for the environment. Believer or not of climate change, there’s nothing to lose in taking action. Just think of the future generation.

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