Christmas with the family

Image credit: TWF

How did your Christmas day go? Mine was fine; spent it again with the family, thankfully.

This was our Christmas eve dinner:

Then we went to mass somewhere in Manila. There was a kid in front of us at the church who my brother saw tweet something like ‘nakita ko uli crush ko #simbanggabibabes.’ We tried to find the hashtag, but didn’t. He must have a private account. I would have replied to the kid with a ‘*highfives*.’

Afterwards, we went back home and had drinks and dessert.

*inserts n thumbs-down here*

So I asked for French red wine…

… And for the grilled ribs and vegetables leftovers. They are a match with this slightly spicy red wine. This is a lot better than the cheapo white wine.

It was almost 4AM when we decided to cap the night. Marie was already sleeping peacefully on her favorite spot in the sala.

I spent Christmas day like that too. Though I blogged a little in GL, I still mostly slept. Here’s another family photo with Marie seemingly agitated and confused as I end this post.

Merry Christmas to all again!!! 😀

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