Christmas get-togethers

I went to three Christmas gatherings this month. Yay! The office Christmas party and dinners with Team Aguhon, and Purge my best friends from high school.

Christmas at work

Our dinner was supposed to be at Wooden Spoon in Kapitolyo, but coworkers decided to have the food delivered to our office because of our crazy work schedule. I was at DOTr on the day of our Christmas party. The restaurant would have been nearer to me than the office. πŸ˜›


Of course, the company was good. Everyone was competitive in the games. Our dinner was decent. I liked the Red & Century Egg Salad with Peanuts because it’s spicy with so much onion and I ♥ eggs. πŸ˜†

The Purge

The ladies and I named our chatroom “The Purge,” an inside joke. πŸ™‚


20161216_201403 Ganso Shabuway


We had dinner at Ganso Shabuway, so we can have shabu-shabu for a change. One of the ladies had to miss dinner though because she got sick.

20161216_201635 Ganso Shabuway
Boyfriend and I ordered USDA Angus Choice Beef with vegetable and mushroom plate

20161216_201648 Ganso Shabuway
While Phoebe and her guy had USDA Angus Choice Beef with seafood and vegetable plate
(Looks like there are more dumplings than seafood)

And the mother and daughter who last joined us had All Natural Grassfed Angus beef also with seafood and veggies.

20161216_210729 Ganso Shabuway
Phoebe’s early dessert because she has low tolerance on spicy food.
Similar to turon, but only mango.

Before I go on, I have some comments with Ganso Shabuway’s service and food. We made an 8PM reservation. We arrived at the restaurant almost 5 minutes to 8 and they wouldn’t let us get to our table because someone was still using it. Afaik, a reserved table should be free at least an hour before. As a shabu-shabu restaurant, they can’t expect their diners to ‘eat and run.’ Another thing, we were surprised and slightly upset when a waitress asked us for a Metrodeal coupon. Phoebe told her off on how she asked without asking first if we availed it. They explained our reservation was listed under coupon users, so it could be whoever took our reservation misheard or any reservation they assume to be Metrodeal user as their coupon requirement. My friends and I don’t often scrimp particularly in food and during special occasions. Their service and food really deteriorated. I only enjoyed their warm sake and enoki mushrooms.

Opening my big gift box :D
Opening my big gift box with the help of bro πŸ˜€

Anyway, most of our evening was fun. I had a lot of laughs with the bro. πŸ™‚ (We call one of our friend’s kid as bro because he calls us bro too.) We had exchange of gifts. I received the first in my wish list, which are Kimochi Aroma pillows. ♥ We had coffee afterwards–always a must–though Phoebe left us early for another.

20161216_234224 CBTL

20161216_234236 CBTL

20161216_234244 CBTL

Team Aguhon

Team Aguhon is a startup by the boyfriend’s friends. The boyfriend eventually joined them and they became more active since two years ago, I think. It was nice of them to include me in their Christmas party and even in the exchange gift. πŸ™‚

I got a couple of Burt's Bees lip balms. :D
I got a couple of Burt’s Bees lip balms. πŸ˜€

The dinner was at Max’s Quezon Memorial Circle. I missed their chicken. I kind of stayed away from Max’s for a bit because we (with blogger friends) frequently ate at Max’s for some time.

We checked the open market afterwards still at Quezon Memorial Circle where every vendor seem to sell knock-offs of watches, clothes, and perfumes and this vibrating ball.

Nagwawalang bola daw ?

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Quezon Memorial Circle tiangge. #Philippines #QuezonCity

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I’m very happy and grateful, of course, that I got to join these get-togethers and filled my tummy with lots of food. πŸ™‚ I would be stuff myself with more food this Christmas Eve with the family.

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