Christmas and Mother’s birthday

(Late) Merry Christmas to all! I hope everyone had a good Christmas celebration. If not, at least a peaceful one. ^_^

The family and I spent Christmas this year just at home. No visits from relatives even since most are either out of the country or busy. Every year, we attend mass to welcome the Christmas Eve then we have the Noche Buena. Here’s our small feast:

Noche Buena

I asked my Mom to keep the sushi back in the ref, so I can have it for lunch. Hrhr~ I only had the crispy pata, fries, and Bailey’s:

Christmas 2009 005
Because I don’t eat shrimp

Purchasing boxes of Instax films days before Christmas was just right on time. I almost used a whole box in less than 30 minutes. XD;
Instax films are expensive, but it’s the memories that it captures is what counts. ^_^ The rest of the food and family pictures are uploaded in my Flickr. I still have a bunch more to add to that set.

My Mom celebrated her birthday last December 3. It took me days to figure out what I should get for her. I ended up with an original DVD of Wizard of Oz. When I handed the DVD to her, she thought I was kidding that I was giving that to her because she knew how much I liked that movie. XDDD;

Family Picture at Classic Confections

Instead of a usual dinner, we had dessert at Classic Confections. I had the Venetian Cafe Latte (first picture below). It was good; not too sweet. ^_^

Venetian Cafe Latte Cake

Mama's Birthday 2009 010Soda

I wanna go back to try their fruit-based cakes. 😀

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