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Charlie Brown Cafe and Avenue of the Stars — End of HK day 1

Snoopy is my most favorite character, so hearing of Charlie Brown Cafe from Kat (TY, beb!) had me excited going to HK. It was the first surely be in my itinerary. Snoopy is always the cuteness and him and Woodstock are very adorable together.

HK 0919 076

The first that crossed my mind when I saw the cafe’s entrance was, “This is it?” I was already dismayed and the feeling slowly diminished as I went up several flights of stairs and saw figurines of the Peanuts characters. I got all giddy and excited when I reached the cafe. It is actually huge. Well, huge because I thought it would be small and cramped. It might be as big as CBTL GB3.

HK 0919 077

HK 0919 079

HK 0919 082

HK 0919 083
Snoopy Mango Cheesecake

HK 0919 084

HK 0919 086

HK 0919 087
This is my favorite among those I saw in the cafe.

HK 0919 088

HK 0919 092

HK 0919 093

HK 0919 094

HK 0919 096

HK 0919 097

HK 0919 100

Sucks I can only take pictures and not take at least one display home. 😛

HK 0919 106

HK 0919 108

After the coffee and cake break, we went to Avenue of Stars. My Mom already went there on her first time in HK, but it was a first for her to see it at night. The view was splendid. The lights colors and reflection on the water are beautiful.

HK 0919 109

HK 0919 113

HK 0919 114

I was getting exhausted and it was getting warmer, so we headed back to the hotel. It was a long travel back, but at least commuting is not as hard as it is in Metro Manila.

HK 0919 122
I forgot what museum this is.

HK 0919 123
Pink Peninsula

HK 0919 124
Salisbury Road. I came across a lot, and I mean A LOT, of Middle Eastern looking guys here.

So that’s it for the first day, technically, in HK. Such a tiring, but I still went to the hotel’s gym afterwards. The workout kept me up almost the whole night again.

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