Chanel N°5 The Body Oil

I have always wanted a Chanel No 5 EDP, but because I always receive scents for gifts, I couldn’t bring myself to buy. When I’m decided, I get the Coco Mademoiselle instead. After all, that’s my all-time fave scent. LOL

I got into body oils last year. I find a body oil’s scent lasts longer (than most EDPs) on me. My daily walk to work in the mornings is my test for scent longevity. 😛 Anyway, I never thought of Chanel body oils, but while friends and I window-shopped at Chanel, the SA surprised me with the No. 5 The Body Oil. I was, “No way!” 

It’s a limited edition released with Chanel’s holiday collection. Based on some research, the first was released in 2016 and sold out quickly. My feelings knowing the existence of this body oil was 50/50–50% happy and 50% afraid for my wallet.

I was happy there’s a body oil of No. 5 that I wanted for a long time. Its scent is even milder than the EDP too, which I like more. I was afraid for my wallet because this became an unexpected purchase. Also, since the body oil is 200ml and costs lower than the EDP made it more irresistible.

The Chanel No 5 The Body Oil comes in a simple, rectangular, rounded-edge translucent glass bottle. It has a magnetic black cap with Chanel’s logo on a gold background on its top. It looks classy, makes a beautiful display on a vanity, but it’s fragile making it not ideal to bring around safely. 

It has a misting spray, which is the most convenient for me to apply body oils with. However, the spray head is not proportional to the bottle size and is flimsy. I always have to double-check if the spray head faces my skin. There were times I sprayed on my bedroom wall, bed, or dresser because the spray head rotated. Annoying when that happens. 

Minor issue aside, the body oil makes my skin feel velvety and smells lovely. There’s no greasy residue. I don’t think I have to say this, but I might still need to: this body oil is no solution for (chronic) dry skin issues. The body oil is composed of rose and jasmine.

If I remember correctly, this was Php6500.

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