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Review: Chanel N°5 The Body Oil

I have always wanted a Chanel N°5 EDP, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy because I usually get gifted with scents. When I made up my mind, I got the Coco Mademoiselle instead. After all, it’s my all-time favorite (and lucky) scent. 🙂

Late in 2018, I started to get into body oils. I find its scent lasts longer (than most EDPs) on me. A true test of longevity (for me, that is) is my daily walk to work in the mornings. 😛

Chanel N°5 The Body Oil

The Chanel N°5 The Body Oil is a limited edition, released with Chanel’s holiday collection. I came across information that its first release was in 2016, and it sold out quickly.

When I saw the Chanel N°5 The Body Oil in my usual Chanel shop, I was torn?; I was 50% excited and 50% afraid for my wallet. Hahaha! Obviously, I chose happiness. 😀 Also, the body oil is cheaper than the EDP, while getting more product at 200 ml. It made the body oil more irresistible to purchase. XD

The Chanel No 5 The Body Oil comes in a rectangular, rounded-edge translucent glass bottle. It has a magnetic black cap with Chanel’s logo on a gold background on it. The bottle looks classy and a beautiful display on a vanity, but it’s fragile, making it not ideal for travel. The oil composition is rose and jasmine.

It has a spray, which is the most convenient way to apply body oil with. However, the spray head is flimsy and rotates easily. There were a few times I’ve sprayed on the floor or my mirror. Annoying when that happens. =_=

Minor issue aside, the body oil makes my skin feel velvety and smells lovely. TThat aside, the body oil makes my skin velvety; no greasy residue at all. It has a very powdery smell that I find lovely. I prefer its scent over the EDP.

Chanel No. 5 The Body Oil 20181212_224325


I couldn’t find the ingredients list, and I’m too lazy to type everything so here’s a photo instead. 😛


It is unlikely this is still available locally. I haven’t checked, but there might be better chances in Duty-Free (I managed to get the shimmery gel version sometime in February 2020) or international online stores. I bought Chanel N°5 The Body Oil for around PHP 6500. The EDP is between PHP 9000–12000.

Chanel No 5 The Body Oil

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