Celebration/s in August and October

I’m trying not to post any drama tonight.

Probably later. XD;;; Anyway, birthday celebration pictures of me and my Father are finally uploaded in my Flickr. If you don’t know yet, August 12’s my birthday. I must say that my celebration is the best I had in years. Thanks so much to my family, friends, and Dad. *sniffs* Right before my birthday, I spent some time with Dad. I dunno if I blogged that before. Hmm, well, moving on… We spent some time then went to a wake on the eve of my birthday. =_= Night of August 12 was spent with the family at Handlebar. We headed there because I found out that CBI would be playing. I was worried whether or not the food would be good and if I could afford it.

(This will ruin my xhtml validity. Ugh~ I hope not.)

To me and my family’s surprise, the oldest cousin in my Mother’s side was there. XD; I had some discount. Hrhr~ But the real fun that night was CBI kept greeting me. I felt so special and famous. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA~ Bragging rights! Oh well, it rarely happens so please forgive me. *rofl*

Friday until Saturday early morning that week was with Dad again. I ♥ him so much. I had the greatest time! 😀 The following week, on August 19 exactly, it was a joint celebration with Jaja because her birthday was on the 21st. Officemates, Jaja’s friends, and Dad were there.


I got 3x older this year. XDDD As for my Father’s Oct. 26 birthday celebration, we had dessert at some chocolate bar in Serendra. Is the name of the place Chocolate Bar exactly? I forgot. 😐

The hot chocolate I had got me hyper that night. Thank goodness it did. I need a break from my broken heart. Uhh, no pun intended. X_X


  • anya

    wow…were you able to remember what venue your father’s bday was held? i’d like to be able to visit during my next vaca in the phils and i couldn’t find the resto name online.

    btw…is it a diff password for each download? i’m a new member so excuse my green-ness in the rules/process.

  • Shabby

    @anya: It was at a Chocolate Bar in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio. I’m not too sure of their name. Anyway, Serendra alone is a nice place to see and there are a lot of restaurants to try.

    Which download do you mean, btw?
  • anya

    awesome…it’s on my list for my next visit. i’m sure my cousins will find it. salamat very much :0)

    i wanted the download for konna otoko wa aisareru – looove everything from this mangaka!


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