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    Florida, September 2011

    I visited Florida again for my Uncle’s wedding. Our stay was only short that time around since we already stayed somewhat long enough on our first visit. We were at Loews Don CeSar first since the wedding and reception was to be held there then spent the last night at a relatives’ house before flying to Chicago. Major photo spam ahead starting with shots from the first day which was a buffet breakfast with the family and relatives, then a walk around the hotel and at the white-sand beach, the wedding ceremony, and the reception. Fisheye No. 2, Fuji Superia 400 Fisheye No. 2, Fuji Superia 400 Fisheye No. 2,…

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    Last two days of the unplanned beach trip

    I should be blogging about my recent El Nido vacation, but I intend to cross off one beach post before I do. It was only recently that I remembered I have not finished blogging about my Boracay trip (Days 1 and 2 of the unplanned beach trip & Boracay in Holga 120CFN). Covering like such because the sun kind of hurt my skin On the second to the last day in my Boracay trip, we went to Fairways and Bluewater for breakfast and golf. Only one from our group was into golf, but everyone else didn’t mind since they also wanted to try playing including me.

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    The first night in NY

    So I’m posting pictures from my US vacation in 2011 amongst those from my recent trip. 😛 I could have posted this along with my New York posts from before (here or here), but I only saw these again while going through photos in my old phone. Landed in NY! But it took a while before we arrived at the gate. I thought we would already be touring New York while in the plane. Big airport is BIG. The JFK airport, or the part I’ve seen, is smelly and almost as dirty as NAIA1.

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    That stormy day in Bolinao

    Almost a couple of weeks after my birthday last year, friends and I went to Bolinao. We availed a for-five Puerto del Sol one day stay and use of amenities that was about less than 1K. I forgot. Anyway, Jan and my brother couldn’t go so it was only me, Joiz, and Kat. We still had fun though. We slept through the ride to Bolinao. XD; The fun began when we arrived and the weather got really bad. There was a typhoon at the time. That kept us from the kayak. If we pushed through with that, we would have ended probably in Palawan in a blink of an eye.…