India Gate

Delhi Sightseeing Tour [Part 1 of 2]

Another day, another tour of both Old and New Delhi. Delhi Sightseeing Tour The Delhi Sightseeing Tour includes mostly memorials and monuments, a couple of places of worship, and a rickshaw experience at Chandni Chowk. The majority didn’t want to ride a rickshaw (majority, meaning except me), so that was crossed out of the itinerary. […]

Sightseeing Delhi temples

Ohey! I’m back with my second day in India post. 😀 Because of an issue I mentioned before, I had to look for another tours service. I found Driver India Private Tours also on TripAdvisor. They too have a high number of excellent rating. I contacted them before we went to the mall. Response was […]
Timberland backpack

Carry-on bag and makeup kit

Hello, everyone! I should have posted this before the National Scale Model Competition post, but I had to put that up that before the event ends. Anyway, I’m back from the India trip! I returned more than a week ago with lots of photos and videos to share (but I gotta edit ’em first T_T). […]