Bearbrick Series 24 Snoopy

I went to Hot Toys flagship store Toy Hunters in HK. Other than Hot Toys, they have Revoltech, plamos, and blind boxes among others. I went through their blind boxes in hopes of Gloomy Bear zipper pulls or other Gloomy Bear merchandise, but I found Be@rbrick Series 24 and 25. Series 25 was pricey, so […]

Legos from Shell

Shell has this Lego promo since late this year. There are I think five racing cars, one truck, and a set of a chemist, race car driver, and what I think is a mechanic. So far, I have the latter, the truck, and Ferrari 150° Italia. I only wanted the characters set and truck, but […]

Blind box toys

In this post are my blind box toys from Qee Designer Collection Series 6, Domo-kun Series 3 Collection, and Sweet Dreams Care Bear from the Care Bears Share-A-Bear Collection, which I all bought these past couple of months. Toy2R’s Qee Designer Collection Series 6 Toy2R’s Qee Designer Collection Series 6 includes original art toys created […]

Pinky:st. x Kuromi

This MUST be the last Pinky:st. in my toy collection. I thought the Pinky:st. x My Melody would be the first and last, but I was surprised there’s another one in the Sanrio Pinky:st. collection. Good thing there’s only two of ’em. Revoltech alone is enough to suck my wallet dry.

Li’l YYH boys

I got these little cuties last December. 🙂 There weren’t sold by piece, so I had to buy them all. They are nicely done and they don’t look like cheap imitations. One of my fave anime pairings — Hiei and Kurama I kept the human-fox version of Kurama and gave away Hiei, Yusuke, and Koenma […]

Pinky:st. x My Melody — my first Pinky:st.

Last September, I bought this Pinky:st. x My Melody from everdearest Rotch. I prefer Revoltech among other figures with Gundam and Keroro Gunsou plamo coming in second. I purchased this because it’s My Melody. It’s Sanrio! It’s cute! Hee~ I still have a girly side. 😀 After I got it 🙂 Nothing beats natural light […]

Off with their heads!

Last June 27, Plurk friends and I planned a toy shoot and trade-off. It was supposed to be held last May, but got delayed a month further because the mastermind kept canceling. He still didn’t go in the end. =_= Those able to were Kat, Karen, Joiz, and Drew. Maru soon followed, but only to […]

LONG roundup of 2009 [Part 2/2]

Lately I feel so lost with no hope nor motivation. This is a very delayed hangover from October of 2009. 🙁 I know our life purpose is for self-fulfillment, but I can’t seem to be content for that reason alone. This is loneliness speaking, I believe. Seems there’s no point to work hard if there’s […]