Chanel N°5 The Body Oil

I have always wanted a Chanel No 5 EDP, but because I always receive scents for gifts, I couldn’t bring myself to buy. When I’m decided, I get the Coco Mademoiselle instead. After all, that’s my all-time fave scent. LOL I got into body oils last year. I find a body oil’s scent lasts longer […]

Rouge Dior 666 Matte Kisss

Nope, that wasn’t a typo. 😉 Rouge Dior 666 Matte Kisss is included in Dior en Diable (Dior’s fall 2018 makeup collection). I was drawn to this lipstick because of the shade number. I was like, “666??? WANT. NEED.” XD I didn’t think it would be included in the fall collection. My intention was to […]

LeeJiHam Tea Tree 90 Essence

Another from Leejiham (now Leegeehaam) item that I was very intrigued with is the Tea Tree 90 Essence. Before I continue, Leejiham is now Leegeehaam–for those who don’t know yet–and has changed/upgraded the tea tree essence content from 90% to 95%. My review is only the Tea Tree 90 Essence version.