Carryology was coined as a term for all things one may put their important items in. That could be a bag, luggage, or wallet to name some. This website is for those who care more than style — From function, purpose, brand, and material. They have reviews of brands (most of which I haven’t heard of). Their reviews may help one decide which bag to get for whatever purpose needed. Carryology is also on various SNS and they have a Community page where you can see all their posts. Very convenient. They also write about bags suitable for kids.

I enjoy looking at their website because all those seemingly men’s style bags are just ‘handsome’… Or cool. 😛 They look durable and could fit everything I would need like my Dante and the pogi or any of my film cameras.

The other night I followed their tips on slimming wallets since it was also time for me to remove unnecessary papers in mine. The tips had helped me decide what I should keep. Not only was I able to slim my wallet, it also got lighter and I can fit my phone in. Yay!


  • manikreigun

    February 21, 2014 11:04 AM
    ugh! wallet got more coins and resibos.

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