Caracol 2011

I don’t know what’s going on in the pictures I took. LOL I do remember just taking pictures, but not multiple exposures. ^^;;;

[singlepic id=508 w=500]

[singlepic id=509 w=500]

[singlepic id=510 w=500]

[singlepic id=511 w=500]

[singlepic id=512 w=500]

Random shots from hereon because we were late to the event. We saw in the parade probably the last 3 groups.

[singlepic id=513 w=500]
Name that building.

[singlepic id=514 w=500]
Name that building again.

[singlepic id=515 w=500]
Marco and Maru

[singlepic id=516 w=500]

[singlepic id=517 w=500]

[singlepic id=518 w=500]

[singlepic id=519 w=500]
Choosing restos in the Triangle Garden

[singlepic id=520 w=500]
Drew and Kat; on our way back to the Caracol venue
I was already agitated by this time. T_T

[singlepic id=521 w=500]

[singlepic id=522 w=500]
Empty Ayala Ave.

[singlepic id=523 w=500]
Ninoy and Cory

I hate to say that the Caracol isn’t getting better.

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