Caracol 2010

Got lots I still have to blog about, but I’ll start with this while it’s still fresh.

Marco, Maru and I met up around lunch time to try CBTL’s complimentary drinks. The Banana Choco was good. Chupa-Chups flavor. Hrhr~ Before heading to Ayala Avenue, we walked around GB5 first then headed to the event’s location by 2PM. Better to be early so we can have a good spot before the crowd arrives and piss us off.

Caracol 2010 001
Ayala Avenue went “Silent Hill” again

Caracol 2010 002
Marco and Maru going to Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas

Caracol 2010 004
Kids were still rehearsing

We expected the Caracol to start at 3PM. While waiting, we walked to and fro Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas and took pictures to pass time.

Caracol 2010 006Caracol 2010 007

Caracol 2010 010
Camwhoring with the brother

The urban jungle:

Caracol 2010 009

Caracol 2010 005Caracol 2010 011

Caracol 2010 012
An attempt with black & white

Groups of participants walked from the stage to the starting point of the parade. A chance to take pictures! Notice there’s an odd one out in some pictures. >_>

Caracol 2010 013

Caracol 2010 014
In sea animals costumes

Caracol 2010 015
It’s that guy again! DX

An old man photographer told this girl to pose for us. He kept describing the girl “like a squid, like a squid; gives us the itches” etc. Then it crossed my mind he was describing a jellyfish. >_>;;;

Caracol 2010 016
She was shy at first :3

Tired from the slight chase after the kids, we rested at Ayala Triangle.

Caracol 2010 017
Still a ghost town; as if there was no program.

Music was blazing from Paseo de Roxas after a few minutes. Assuming it was the program starting, we went there. But, well, it really was just loud music. 😐

Caracol 2010 018

Caracol 2010 022
Child Na’vis? O_o

The wait has gone for more than 2 hours already.

Caracol 2010 028
The sun would soon set. -_-

These kids are starting to feel restless and was making a commotion. One of them threw a flattened soda can near a Makati City Police.

Caracol 2010 032
Stealing the spotlight from me, huh!?

Seriously, if they did it again I would be the one to tell them to shut it. Kids nowadays lack discipline and respect. *shakes head* Anyway,the parade started minutes after and they were completely forgotten.

Caracol 2010 033
The MAPSA marching band

Caracol 2010 034
Hotels’ employees followed

Caracol 2010 037

Caracol 2010 040
The Caracol performers from different public schools within the city

Caracol 2010 042
Stingrays! D: I thought those were fail abs *lol*

Caracol 2010 043

Caracol 2010 047
Lobsters πŸ˜€

Caracol 2010 048
They have an amazing costume and I only got a crap-ass picture of them. DX

Caracol 2010 049

Caracol 2010 054

Caracol 2010 055

Caracol 2010 059
It’s them again!

Caracol 2010 062
They were creepy when they walked on all fours.

Caracol 2010 063
Striped gangstahzzz

The parade went pretty fast.

Caracol 2010 064
Couldn’t get a clear view of the stage anymore

That’s pretty much what we’ve witnessed from Caracol 2010. We left as soon as it was done. The crowd went bigger, so I’m guessing everyone was at the starting point then joined everyone else near the stage. Maybe we would have stayed to watch the dances if we didn’t get tired from waiting and dissing.

I went bra shoppin’ later. I believe that’s the highlight of the day. XDDD No pictures of that of course. The boys were disappointed not to find their cup size in the lingerie store. Oh, almost forgot! See all the crap Caracol 2010 pictures I took. There are still a few I haven’t included in this post. Hehe~


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