calvin and i talked the

calvin and i talked the other, other night. ^^;; welpz, we came to the point where talked about my ex-boyfriends stuffu. he asked about maii boyfriend, but i dun have one. he was surprised why and i just answered back with, “‘coz i don’t have one!” *LoL* i couldn’t say i haven’t found the right one for me or whateverz ‘coz i wasn’t really looking. i hardly care anyway about boyfriends now. he kept saying things like meeting with me and having short talks. then he planned on going to some gig this 13 with him and some friends. he said he would be the one to talk to maii parents about it. aigoo…what do you think he’s trying to do??? XP

i think maii feelings are building up for him again. it feels weird. *ack* i dun want to…

it gives me this haunting feeling when i’ve already learned to forget him and now he’s back. he’s driving me insane. πŸ˜›

anywayz, i’m beginning to think there’s something wrong with maii eyes. it hurts a lot now, but i can still take it. i dunno if i can tell maii mom about this. she’ll really yell at me. even maii dad will! πŸ˜› it’s not much of a big problem, i think. i’m just afraid to go blind sooner or later. XD what an idiotic thought, but possible…ne? mwahahahahahhaha~

waii! i can’t believe people are reading maii ficcie @ temptation. i thought that fic sucked. i’m soO happy that they’re reading it specially AERIS-CHAN and shadow1004. ^_^;;; i dunno what shadow1004’s name is but i’ll prolly find out soon. i need to get some g-fics dose. XP all i’ve been reading are sm fics. that’s why when you check out maii review site, it’s mostly filled with that. speaking of that site, i think i haven’t plugged about it yet. go visit the site where i keep all maii fave fanfics as well as reviews to all the fics i’ve been reading. ^^ the link is http://liquid2k.com/drugstar/jsg. please let me know what you think, okay? ^_~

oi Lez, i just got to read parts 1-4 of 36 moons. *sweatdrop* gomen! but it’s very interesting! oh yeah, can’t wait for the next parts of serve the ego. hehe~

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