Bye, Readmill

The interface

I already have my Kobo, but I also read ebooks in my Dante. The app I use is Readmill. With Readmill, you have access to all your ebooks across your devices (whether iOS or Android). There is no need to sync to a computer to load ebooks since you can just upload through the web. The Readmill app is lightweight and the UI is refreshing to the eyes. The app can only load EPUBs before, but not too long ago it has finally supported PDF.

Then it was probably a month or a couple of weeks ago they sent this email:



Although I have a Kobo, I prefer to use Readmill for my colored PDFs. It’s sad that Readmill will be no more. was surprised when I read ‘Dropbox’ in that email (that part not included in the screenshot).

I really should just figure out how I can sync my ebooks from my KoboGlo across my other devices.

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