Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime and Supernatural

I saw the screenshot (the feature photo) in a Dear David thread on Twitter. I immediately searched for it and found out it’s Buzzfeed Blue’s weekly Buzzfeed Unsolved series. I dislike Buzzfeed in general, but this is an exception. 🙂

Buzzfeed Unsolved covers true crime and supernatural and is hosted by Ryan and Shane. There was a different guy with Ryan in a couple of episodes in the first season–Brad, I think–but Shane became the regular. The show is hilarious, particularly the episodes where Ryan and Shane visit creepy sites and even stay for a night. Ryan is an adorable scaredy-cat while Shane takes advantage of that and always makes fun of Ryan. Shane would often taunt ghosts and demons too. That in the screenshot/feature photo is just one of them. 😆

If you haven’t seen this, I made a playlist below with all true crime and supernatural episodes in order.


I view the comments whenever a scary part comes on. I also found out in the comments I wasn’t the only one doing that. 😆 Enjoy!


Please share your favorite unsolved/crime/mystery/horror YouTube series as I would love to watch more. 🙂 Other shows I watch are of Cayleigh Elise’s and Rob Dyke’s.

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