Burgers, pizza, milkshakes, breakfast all day… Filling Station is where they at

Crossing off another from the After Midnight Eats list is Filling Station — A diner located in, one of the fun places I go to, the red light district.



Filling Station is an American diner-type food place. You wouldn’t think it to be of a cafe/bar at first because the first floor is a mini store. They sell imported snacks, cigars, and liquor. The dining area is actually at the second floor and is divided between smoking and non-smoking. The boyfriend and I chose the smoking area. It was still spacious, has AC, and barely in there at that time smoked. It also overlooks the club my friend and I couldn’t get in.




They have a long list in their menu with food ranging from pancakes to steaks. Prices are from PhP350 to PhP700. Drinks are not limited as well. They have my favorite that I cannot take often — Milkshakes! LOL They also have Dom Perignon (!).



Gawd, I want this!

The smoking area alone has lots and lots of vintage items on walls, posts, and ceiling. I love the interior of this restaurant. I could visit here often and taste every single dish they have. XD But that means I have to workout extra every day. Just look at that blueberry pancakes alone!




Their diner is so old-skool that their tissue-holder is designed with an LP. XD; They also have buzzers since waiters don’t walk or wait around the dining area. That was the only problem we had then because we kept pressing that buzzer to no avail, so the boyfran had to keep on going to the counter just to place our orders and get our bill. :/



Serving of those we tried was good enough for their price. Actually, I was tempted to order a milkshake but I was glad I didn’t because the food we had was already too heavy.


Those cameras and the Betty Boop poster! :O

I highly recommend trying this place out. Just ignore the location if you’re not comfortable with that place. It’s not situated in the middle of that district anyway.

My nails that night: 😀


Matte nail polishes are awesome if only they don’t chip off quickly. Haha! See all photos from our dinner in my Flickr album.

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