Bro’s graduation

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Legs are still a bit wobbly due to the ultimate alay-lakad (something like a walk-for-a-cause to those who don’t understand the language) last Thursday. There were also long walks last Saturday and Sunday, so -.- Gonna blog about the reason behind the wobbly legs next. That was really something. *lol*

I took the half day off at work to attend brother’s graduation last month. Dad picked me up. ^_^ There was hardly any time for me to shower. Also, choosing what to wear takes me time. XD; The ticket said the attire is semi-formal, but I went looking like some missing party school gal. *lol*

We arrived in PICC just in time. It’s still the same like my graduation before. Still no one from our department came. They’d rather party and drink than suffer boredom. LULz~

Family pic :3
Family pic :3

There was already a long line to get inside PICC. Securities were checking bags for water (and probably food) since it’s not allowed inside the premises. I complained without knowing my former professor was behind me. I was slightly making a scene, but jokingly. He told me I’m still the same. XD; Then he whispered if I had water with me because he will get it in. *lol* Well, I had no water yet I complained. HAHA~ I’m weird like that.

The funniest thing that happened was:


Whatever happened after that I’m not sure because I watched Knocked Up in my iPod and napped. Mom only woke me up to take a picture of Maru when he got up on stage. I sat with honors’ parents since that had the best view. Then a security told me to go away. We all know that it’s best not to irritate those who just woke up. I tried my best to talk nicely, but… >_>

After the ceremony, we headed to Kikufuji for dinner celebration. I ordered so much as if I hadn’t eaten in ages. XD; More pictures from the graduation are uploaded here.

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    Congrats kay Maru! Graduation is only the start. Let’s welcome him to the world of the unemployed, corporate slaves and the underpaid… errr… XD LOL

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