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Boys and girls by Lake Zürich and Anne-Sophie Mutter (Switzerland, Day 6) – Part 2 of 2

In the first part, the last I mentioned was I walked around for a while after my lunch to give time for my Aunt to catch up with her friends. And I also played Ingress. 🙂

20150707 068

I was able to get closer to the Opernhaus Zürich or Zürich Opera House. It seems people were free to hang out on its front entrance and around its premises. The opera house is located at Sechseläutenplatz, which is a large town square. This is where the traditional spring holiday of the city is celebrated. The opera house is also near Lake Zürich.

20150707_125527 20150707_125630

After many photos and (Ingress) portals, I went back because I didn’t want them to end up waiting for me instead. As soon as they were done, we headed to Zürichsee or Lake Zürich. I was told many people would go there during summer season. They would have barbecues, grills, and parties; they would swim or play in the lake. I was excited to see those. 🙂

All my guy friends would enjoy it here. 😀

20150707_132751 20150707 069

20150707 070

20150707 071



20150707_135458 20150707_141106

20150707_151750 Sean
My cousin being effortlessly cute.


And we’re back to the shopping area.

20150707_171642 20150707_171717

My other Aunt would be picking me up because she and I would be watching a classical concert. So we waited for her at Jelmoli. I also needed some caffeine fix otherwise I would fall asleep during the concert. My Aunt also wanted yogurt because of the heat.

20150707_173701 Wonderpot
Wonderpots Frozen Yogurt

20150707_173710 Wonderpot
I was craving for yogurt yesterday. T_T

20150707_174240 Wonderpot
Coffee in a ‘stache cup

I was told this is a popular snack.

So much tea! T_T

If I knew earlier that we would be watching a classical concert, I would have properly dressed. My Aunt did bring me the one and only dress I brought, but she matched it with sandals I wasn’t comfortable with. My toes were exposed and they never look good without a foot spa and pedicure. That was the case then. But, well, it’s not like I won’t survive. I was just uncomfortable. LOL

Watching classical concerts is a hobby of my Aunt. Not everybody in her family are fans of the genre, so she usually watches by herself. Because I haven’t ever been to a classical concert, she brought me along. We all know what’s most likely to happen, but it would still be a good experience. Since there was still time before the concert, we had drinks at Park Hyatt Zürich.

20150707_184857 20150707_191011 Park Hyatt Zu?rich
Left: Ticket area/Lobby of Tonhalle Zürich; right: fruity drink at Park Hyatt

The performers were Anne-Sophie Mutter (a German violinist) and Lambert Orkis (American classical pianist). The concert was at Tonhalle Zürich that was built in 1895 and inaugurated in the presence of Johannes Brahms.

20150707_193413 Tonhalle Zu?rich
Before I took this, I didn’t know we weren’t allowed to take photos.

20150707_204337 Tonhalle Zu?rich 20150707_204424 Tonhalle Zu?rich
But these were taken during the break.

The classical concert was a great experience indeed even though, honestly, I almost fell asleep in the first half. Oh, we almost got in a fight with an old fella beside me. That was amusing. lols. So, after the concert, we went back to Park Hyatt Zürich for late dinner before heading home.

20150707_221733 Park Hyatt Zu?rich
Salad, chicken, and wine ♥

That’s the end of day 6 in Switzerland. 🙂 That was a very busy and hot day, but had so many ‘first experiences.’ ♥

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