Book loot :D

After an afternoon meet-up in Shangri-La and package drop-off in Rustan’s Glorietta, I arrived home to see a package in my room. 😀

2GO package
2GO package

On my way home in the jeepney, there was a girl around 10 to 11 years old who kept staring at me. I stared back. I noticed that she has red shiny lips and in her hand is lip gloss. Seems like she’s into that at such age while I was interested in books and drawing. >_>;;; I hate to admit thinking she’ll wear slutty clothes in no time.


Cutting off that cardboard and magazine wrapping…


I finally completed the Sleepy Beauty trilogy only that my first book is smaller and has the latest cover design. I bought The Five People You Meet in Heaven for more life enlightenment. *lol* The Strange Candy is for my Hamilton Collection. I purchased The Bell Jar, which is actually the first choice among the list of books I browsed, because I’ve heard nice things about it. Let the book not be boring please. 😛

The following were my orders from the same source that were shipped months ago along with Karen’s.

Books I ordered along with Karen's.

I didn’t know Beauty’s Release is part of a trilogy, therfore, Beauty’s Punishment was kind of a forced buy for completion’s sake. *lol* Valkyrie’s Profile is another addition to my Paulo Coelho books. Now a few left of his to buy. Maybe except The Winner Stands Alone because of its negative reviews.

6 thoughts on “Book loot :D

  1. I like Paulo Coelho, but I get easily bored by his books haha. Ironic.

    Hmm, I was at Booksale earlier. Didn’t find anything I’d like to buy. I miss the proximity of Recto. 😀
  2. Hmm, true. I find parts of some of his books boring such as Brida. It was slow-paced in the beginning. By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Cried is a very nice read. I finished it in one class. *lol*

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